What are photosynthetic producers?

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Photosynthetic organisms are usually?


Photosynthetic organisms are usually?


What are producers of the ocean?

seaweed and photosynthetic plankton

Where photosynthetic producers make sugar?

Flowers :)

What is the bottom of the energy pyramid?

Photosynthetic Producers

What is most important role of photosynthetic organism in a ecosystem?

Photosynthetic organisms are the producers of an ecosystem. All other organisms depend directly or indirectly on the producers

Is Plants and other photosynthetic organisms are producers in ecosystem?

Yes, plants and photosynthetic organisms are producers. They produce usable forms of enery for other ecosystem members.

Compare and contrast photosynthetic producers with chemosynthetic producers?

the both have big ole differences

Plants and other photosynthetic organisms are an ecosystem's?


Why are photosynthetic organisms called producers?

They produce their own food.

Is diatoms a decomposer?

diatoms are producers, not decomposers. they are photosynthetic organisms

Producer in the ocean?

Producers mainly are organisms that can photosynthesize. Examples of producers in the sea are seaweed and photosynthetic plankton

What is an example of a producer organism?

plants are producersproducers are organisms that can make their own foodPhotosynthetic organisms

Are Photosynthetic organisms fungi or producers or consumers or decomposers or heterotrophs?

They are producers, Also known as Auto-trophs.

Are photosynthetic organisms called consumers?

No. Photosynthetic organisms are called producers, because they can produce their own food via photosynthesis.

Are photosynthetic organisms producers?

yes because a photosynthetic organism is one that uses the sunlight to create its own food/energy.

Is fungi and bacteria a producers?

Only some bacteria which are photosynthetic are producers , all other bacteria and fungi are consumers .

Photosynthetic organisms are called producers because?

They produce their own food.....

Why do producers contain chlorophyll?

They are the photosynthetic pigments. They capture energy from sunlight

Are algae producers?

Yes, algae are producers... they are "the primary producers of the food chain Yes - algae are photosynthetic organisms this means they produce their own food using sunlight so they are producers.

Is a bacteria a producer?

Bacteria can be a producer. Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic producers and bacteria that lives around deep-sea vents are producers. Bacteria can also be decomposers.

Are the photosynthetic organism producers or consumers of energy?

Producers of their own food which is also their source of energy. The burn the sugars they make in mitochondria just like you do.

Why are photosynthetic organisms called producers in an ecosystem?

They produce their own food through light energy

Are small animals that serve as the main photosynthetic producers in the open ocean?

the main producer in the open ocean are

What is another name for the average weather conditions in a region over a long period of time?

Photosynthetic producers