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Political Action Committees (PACs) collect money from group members. they give that money to help candidates their think will support their positions on the issues they care about. They can also spend money to oppose candidates they want to see defeat. For instance, a political action committee might buy television or radio ads that criticize a candidate it knows does not share its goals.

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How have political action committees invested their money?

how have political action committees invested their money?

Why political action committees are essential to a successful campaign?

Political action committees are essential to a successful campaign because they can raise enormous sums of money. Political action committees are typically referred to simply as PACs.

The main downside of political action committees is?

The main downside of political action committees is their oppsition to democracy. Answer:their oppsition to democracy

What is the Political Arm of a special interest and what do they do?

Political action committees

What is the political arm of special interests groups?

Political action committees.

What is the abbreviation for Political Action committees?

its abbreviation is PAC

Are donations to political action committees tax deductible?


How do lobbyists differ from political action committees?


What are the main criticisms of political action committees?

The main criticism of political action committees is the likelihood that they could buy votes. They are also known as being very biased.

What is the main purpose of political action committees?

To raise money for political campaigns

How do political action committees influence elections?

They influence voters

Who do most political action committees give their money to?


How do candidates get money to support their campaign?

political action committees

What are political action committees and what is their role in the political process?

to influence peopleto vote for a specific person

What are the functions of political action committees?

contribute money to the canidates - PLATO

Why are political action committees formed?

to help influence the outcome of an election or legislation

What is PAC?

PAC stands for Political Action Committees. They are the fundraising wing of interest groups.

What is the main downside of political action committees?

the corporate groups can outspend the citizen groups

There are roughly how many political action committees PACs in the US?

Roughly four thousand

PACs tend to?

PAC is the abbreviation of the Political Action Committee. The Political Action Committees usually tend to distribute money based on the party that is in power and the ideology.

What is the primary function of a political action committee?

The main function of political action committees is to act as fund-raising organizations for political races and causes. They're commonly referred to simply as PACs.

What are groups that donate money to candidates who favor their point of view?

political action committees or PAC

Do Interest groups donate money to campaigns through political action committees?

no..... interest groups

Special interest groups can contribute money to candidates supporting their views on issues?

Political Action Committees

Special-interest groups that raise money to help elect lawmakers are called?

political action committees

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