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possible solution for water pollution is to stop throwing garbage into the oceans, streams,and rivers etc

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What are some possible solutions to water pollution?

There are many different solutions to water pollution. The simplest is strong government regulation on what can be done with, and put into the water ecosystem. Fines can be levied and used to clean up any infractions.

Water Pollution in India?

The water polution in India is because of dhaval

What are some solutions for thermal pollution?

Thermal pollution can be reduced by cooling the water in cooling towers before it is released into water bodies

What are the problems and solutions to your environment and to your natural resources?

These environmental problems are such as water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, and many more kinds of pollution.

How water pollution benefit the people?

Water pollution does not benefit anyone, but it does force people to find solutions. Technologies are developed to deal with the pollution, and then they can be applied in other areas.

What are possible solutions to the drought in the Australian Outback?

Cleaning sewage and using that as a water supply and harnessing underground water resevoirs are possible solutions.

Why is water a problem in India?

India has an over population problem. More water is needed and overpopulation also causes pollution in the water.

How do you prevent storm water pollution?

There are several methods depending on the different circumstances. Some possible solutions include erosion prevention, stormwater filters, sediment control, etc.

How long has water pollution been a problem in India?

bum hole

How is India measured in terms of population?

Air polution and water pollution

Where is there a lot of water pollution?

The Ganges River in India is the most polluted body of water in the world.

Solution of thermal pollution?

Solutions to thermal pollution include altering environment of watercourse, ooling the water in cooling towers before it is released into the environment, and adding or removing heat. Thermal pollution is the degradation of water quality by any process that changes ambient water temperature.

Which two nations are facing GREATEST problems air and water pollution?

China and India are two due to large populations and uncontrolled air and water pollution from industry.

Are any laws made about water pollution?

I have recently come back from India ,my 2nd visit after 17years.The changes were enormous especially around Air pollution & water pollution. There does not appear to be any policing or LAW regarding DUMPING of rubbish into the water ways. I saw people in BOARD DAYLIGHT dumpimg books ,Household Rubbish etc into these rivers with absolute disregard for the environment. You watch the movement of the water and you LITERALLY see the 'sludge' moving with the tide. As the advertising of India goes; INCREDIBLE INDIA YES FOR HISTORY BUT NO FOR POLLUTION.

What has the author Smita Misra written?

Smita Misra has written: 'Economies of scale in water pollution abatement' -- subject(s): Water pollution 'Review of effectiveness of rural water supply schemes in India'

Why is water pollution considered as pollution?

Yes. Water pollution is pollution because it pollutes the water.

What can be solutions to Pollution problems?

First of all, People must be aware of adverse consequences and eggect ovarious types of pollution whether it be noise, air, water, soil or any..

What are solutions for water pollution?

There are many. Disposing of hazardous waste appropriately, stopping runoff, protecting source water, reducing wastewater volume... etcetera...

Which two asian nations are facing the greatest problems with air and water pollution?

India and China

Can you get diseases from water pollution?

Yes. It is possible to get diseases from polluted water as it is contaminated with bacteria. For example Bilharzia is a stagnent water disease.

How does industrial pollution affect your water?

pollution leaks out into the water and makes water pollution

How can one person solve water pollution?

It is not possible for one person to solve all the world's water pollution problems. However, one person working in his or her hometown can accomplish a lot.

What is 3 possible solutions to stop pollution?

It is impossible to stop pollution. You cannot people to use air conditioner or cars. You can reduce pollution. You can practise the 3'R with are reduce, reuse and recycle, to reduce all the type of pollution. Use electrical cars example hybrid cars to reduse air pollution. Throw rubbish in a proper place example in rubbish bin, to reduce land pollution, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and the spread of diseases like influenza A H1N1. Actually there are more than 3 ways to reduce pollution. You can find them in other web sites.

What are solutions for stopping water pollution?

There are many. Disposing of hazardous waste appropriately, stopping runoff, reducing wastewater volume... Etcetera.

What are the ingridients in a water pollution?

water and pollution