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Food Chain. Predators of the praying mantis are: snake, spider, birds and the praying mantis itself . The praying mantis tends to prey on: smaller insects like moths and bees, small mammals such as mice, and amphibians smaller than itself including salamanders.

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Q: What are praying mantis in the food chain?
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What food chain that involves praying mantis?

Youre mum

Praying mantis food?

A praying mantis loves to eat grasshoppers.

Why are praying mantises important?

Praying Mantis are at the top of the food chain in the insect world. If there were no praying manti, lets just say that there would be way too many bugs.

What is the scientific name of praying mantis?

Which organisms are usually the first step in a food chain

What is a praying mantis food source?


Is a praying mantis a producer?

No a praying mantis is a consumer. Plants are producers, they produce their own food through photosynthesis.

How do praying mantis find food?

well it finds a bug and raises its hands and eats it like it praying that's why it is called the praying mantis

What do you feed a praying mantis that you food in your house?

You feed them food

What is a phylum of a praying mantis?

The phylum of a praying mantis is Arthropoda. The kingdom of the praying mantis is the Animalia. The class of a praying mantis is insecta.

Can you feed your baby praying mantis cat food?


How do praying mantis's kill there food?

they have claws and pinchers

Where do you find praying mantis food?

It depends on the religious denomination of the "Praying Mantis". Different religions not only have designated places to seek food, but also, the type of food that the Praying Mantis may eat.I believe Hermosa Beach, in California has a Homeless Mission for the Praying Mantis; however, the food is for consumption "in house", NOT for "take-out"! Not sure if it's still there, as this was back in 1999, when I lived in the area.

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