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If tubes were tied correctly, you shouldn't get pregnant at all. That's the point of getting them tied. If something went wrong and you still got pregnant, then symptoms would be the same as any other pregnancy.

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Does a pregnancy test detect the hormone if tubes are tied?

Pregnancy tests work the same on women with and without their tubes tied.

What are the chances of pregnancy if your tubes tied 10 years ago you are almost 3 months late all the symptoms of pregnancy?

The chances are zero as the tubes were cut, and there can be no chance of the sperm meeting the egg.

If you had your tubes clamped 11 yrs ago and are now having pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness can you be pregnant?

Yes, having your tubes tied does not prevent 100% of pregnancies. My sister became pregnant 15 years after having her tubes tied.

Can sperm get through tied up tubes?

Honestly, it depends on how it was done. My mother had a tubal pregnancy after she had her tubes tied!

Is it possible to have a full term pregnancy while your tubes are tied?

Is it easy to miss carrier after your tubes been tied

What does fixed mean in pregnancy?

getting your tubes tied

Can you get pregnant after 10 years with your tubes tied?

Aftr 11 yrs I'm experiencing pregnancy symptoms, is it possible? Its possible. See your doctor.

Do pregnancy test work if your tubes are tied?

It is very rare to get pregnant after having the tubes tied, but if you would succeed a pregnancy test would react the same way as always.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy after tubes are clamped?

what are the symptoms of pregnacy when youre tubes are clamped..will it show on a pregnacy test

How can you tell if your pregnant with your tubes tied?

Unless the guy has bionic sperm or something, it is not possible to get pregnant with your tubes tied. Actually you are completely wrong with with your diagnosis. You can get pregnant if your tubes are tied and it's called an Ectopic pregnancy.

Can you have a misscrriage if your tubes are tied?

Yes, there is always a chance for a ectopic pregnancy.

How do you know you pregnancy with your tubes tied?

If you had tubal ligation,then you will not get pregnant anymore.

One year after getting my tubes done i had a ectopic pregnancy can you get pregnant tweleve years later and have a baby?

If your fallopian tubes were cut and tied, there is no way you can get pregnant. If you experienced an ectopic pregnancy and did not have your tubes tied again, there is the possibility that you could again get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant after having your tubes tied and a partial hysterectomy?

You should not be able to get pregnant. Just having your tubes tied would be enough to prevent pregnancy, especially if they were cut then tied (tubal ligation).

How do you know if you are pregnant when your tubes are tied?

Take the pregnancy test or go to your doctor.

Can you have a baby if you had tubes tied?

No. Getting your tubes tied means you are no longer releasing eggs each month. No egg = no pregnancy. Your body still releases eggs it's just that having your tubes tied blocks the sperm from connecting with the egg. I have heard of many women getting pregnant after their tubes have been tied.

Lower abdomen pain and sick to my stomach but your tubes are tied?

You can still get pregnant although your tubes are tied. I would go to the store, get a pregnancy test to make sure.

What is the medical term meaning getting your tubes tied?

Tubal ligation, usually written bilateral tubal ligation, means getting your tubes tied to avoid pregnancy.

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