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What are prisoners called on the first fleet?

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The prisoners on the First Fleet were known as convicts.

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What were policeman called during the First Fleet?

There were no "policemen" in the First Fleet. The men guarding the prisoners were called marines.

Where did the First Fleet first arrive in Australia?

The first fleet arived in the 1778 and they were the ones that inprison the prisoners in europe.

What did the first fleet prisoners do at Australia?

Scavenge for food and water.

Were there Catholics in the First Fleet in 1788?

Yes. Roman Catholics were aboard the First Fleet. The First Fleet consisted of some Irish Catholics as well as the English prisoners.

When did the first fleet arrive in Australia from Britain carrying prisoners?

The First Fleet arrived in Australia on 26 January 1788.

What is the Australia First Fleet called?

The First Fleet.

What was the first fleet of ships called that landed in australia?

The first fleet of ships that landed in Australia was simply called the First Fleet.

Why was the first fleet called the First Fleet?

It was named because it was literally the first fleet of ships to arrive in Australia with settlers. Later fleets were similarly designated with their number such as Second Fleet and Third Fleet.

What was the first ship that sent convicts to Australia called?

It was not a single ship, but a fleet consisting of eleven ships. It was called the First Fleet.

What was the first fleet ship called?

As the name implies, it was a fleet of ships, not a ship.

When did the Louise ship first fleet arrive in Botany Bay?

There was no ship in the First Fleet called the Louise.

What was the first fleet boat called?

The First Fleet is the name given to the eleven ships that left Great Britain.

How many ships were there in the First Fleet and what were they called?


What is the hulk on the First Fleet?

There were no hulks among the ships of the First Fleet. Hulks were large ships that had been decommissioned from service in England, and instead were used as floating prisons when the gaols in England became too overcrowded to take more prisoners.

What has the author Don Chapman written?

Don Chapman has written: '1788, the people of the First Fleet' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Prisoners

Did the First Fleet that sailed to Australia hold more prisoners than freemen?

Total 1440, convicts 778, therefore Yes, just.

How was the problem of England's overflowing prisoners addressed?

I assume the question relates to the deportation of prisoners from England to our penal colonies being established in Australia (and elsewhere)? The problem was simply to remove the prisoners somewhere else. In 1787, the 'First Fleet' departed from England, to establish the first British penal colony settlement in Australia.

What crimes were committed by the convicts before they came to Australia in the First Fleet?

The convicts who came to Australia in the First Fleet committed a variety of crimes, from simple pick-pocketing to petty theft and larger scale crimes. Those committed of fraud and assault were also sent on the First Fleet, and there were some political rebels, particularly in later fleets. There were no murderers on the First Fleet. See the related link for details on specific prisoners and their crimes.

What was Australia called when the the first fleet happened?

New Holland.

Did the First Fleet stop in Tasmania?

The First Fleet did not stop in Tasmania, or Van Diemen's Land, as it was called then. The Fleet passed Adventure Bay in Van Diemen's Land on 1 January 1788.

What is a group of ships called hi plese ansew it its for my home work?

A group of ships is called a 'fleet', as in the English fleet fought the German fleet at the Battle of Jutland during the First World War.

When did the first fleet of prisoners from Britain arrive in Australia?

The First Fleet of convicts from Great Britain arrived in Australia in January 1788. At first, on 18 January, it came to e site recommended by Sir Joseph Banks and James Cook - Botany Bay - which was found to be unsuitable for settlement. So the First Fleet moved north to Port Jackson, arriving on 26 January 1788.

Was there any ship called Alexander in the First Fleet?

Yes: the Alexander was one of the ships of the First Fleet. The Alexander was a transport ship, meaning it carried convicts.

When the First Fleet came to Australia what was it known as?

The First Fleet was known as the First Fleet when it came to Australia.

Was there a convict called May Davis on the First Fleet?

The First Fleet did not transport a convict called May Davis, but it did transport three convicts named Samuel Davis, William Davis, and James Davis.

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