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Valence electrons are the electrons in the outer ring, or "electron shell" of an atom.

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Q: What are properties of valence electrons?
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Where is the location of electrons determines the chimical properties of an atom?

Valence shell electrons or valence electrons determine the chemical properties of an atom...

What are valence electrons for responsible for?

Valence electrons are responsible for the chemical properties of elements.

What are the properties of valence electrons?


Chemical properties depend on what?

valence electrons

What determines an element's properties?

The valence electrons

What determines elements properties?

The valence electrons

What determines an element’s properties?

The valence electrons

Are atom properties determined by the size of the valence electrons?

Valence electrons are very important for the chemical properties of chemical elements; but all electrons have identical sizes.

Which electrons are the most responsible for the properties of the atom?

The outermost electrons, ( valence electrons)

What are three materials properties that are influenced by the valence electrons?

The valence electrons influence many properties and characteristics of a material. The properties of a material which are influenced by the valence electrons are chemical properties, electrical conductivity, some mechanical properties, the nature of inter atomic bonding, atom size, and optical characteristics.

How does the number of valence electrons relate to an element's chemical properties?

the valence electrons cause the chemical reations. the valence electrons decide that element attract to which element.

Valence electrons determine an atoms what?

chemical properties

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