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  • If done correctly, training is very easy. Pugs are very intelligent dogs, and you should never yell at your dog when training it, this will only confuse it and make training difficult.
  • Many people think that pugs are only lap dogs, but in reality, they are wonderful watch dogs. pugs though, do not bark constantly like other small breeds, and they are very protective of there home, and family.
  • Pugs are a wonderful family dog. depending on how the dog is treated, and it's past experiences, it is wonderful with family's with any age of children, though you should never bring a pug into the family unless you positively know that it is fully comfortable with the family.
  • Pugs are usually comfortable with new family members such as cats or dog, of course it all depends on the past experiences of this pug. pugs are very curious animals, and will most likely just smell the other cat and/or dog. It is very, very uncommon for a pug to attack another creature on the spot.
  • Pugs can live anywhere, as long as it's indoors. whether your living in the country, or the city- pugs are perfectly happy in either of these habitats.


  • Unfortunately the pug can have some health issues. the pugs snout is very short, causing: breathing problems, snorting, snoring, and other problems such as infections. It is a very good idea to clean out the pugs wrinkles in it's face with a cutip, every so often. it will prevent illness in the future. also the pug has very big eyes, and this can lead to very bad consequences if not careful. the pugs eyes must be cleaned to prevent illness, and if the eyes are scratched, or in any other way hurt, it can make your pug blind, or have costly infections.
  • Grooming can be good, and bad for the pug. the pug does have very short hair, but the wrinkles in the face, and the eyes, of the pug must be cleaned. if not the pug will have health issues. also pugs do shed badly, there may be a rumor of pugs not shedding but it is not true. never believe a breeder that tells you otherwise.
  • Pugs are an inside dog, and can not live outside. they are not used to the temperature of the outdoors, hot or cold. they obviously need to go outside to use the bathroom, but Cannot be left outside for long periods of time. this can also lead to health problems, and even death for your pug.
  • Pugs can become easily dehydrated if they go long without water. If you take your pug anywhere in the heat, you should always bring water for them. as I said, pugs are not outside animals, and need water after doing any type of exercise
ALWAYS spay & neuter your pets!
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Q: What are pros and cons of pug dogs?
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