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What are pros and cons on animal abuse?


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September 13, 2011 6:48PM

There are actually some pros for this. Animal testing saves alot of money for the government. Also, many animals have similar DNA to humans, so scientists test on these animals instead of on us.

Now, just bcuz i have pros, duznt mean that i support it.

Cuz i don't.

My argue ment is, that if animals have such similar DNA, shouldn't they be treated just like us? i mean, im not saying that a pet should havr their own house, and furniture to match (WHICH THEY SHUD!) im just saying that if scientists cant test on humans, they shouldn't test on animals.

Hope i helped!

Another person's thoughts- The pros of other animal abuse don't always have to be from just animal experimentation. It can also be from basic hurting of the animal. The animal abuse topic is not just from one thing exactly. Depriving of food, water, or shelter can also be a form of animal abuse. There might be some pros with hurting animals. Although I don't like the thought of hurting animals because it is a terrible and offensive crime, it does get rid of anger. But yet again I do NOT think you should do it. Point is, animal abuse is wrong and it hurts the lives of animals. Humans are animals and obviously caring for dogs, cats and other animals would be just the same as when you hurt a human as well.

-My thoughts.

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