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What are reasons for structuring a collection of data?

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Data collection allows us to keep track of important information. This information helps to track trends and have organized records.

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What is an Array List in the Java programming language?

An Array List in Java is a way of structuring data and in one of several ways of structuring data. It cannot be dynamically resized and does not support search and sort while other data structures do.

Collection of data what is?

data collection locations can include?

Data collection and sampling?

What is the question. Sampling is data collection

What is considered before using secondary data?

relevance, consistency, method of collection used, validity, reasons for which the data were collected, reliability, completenes e.t.c

Why is data collection important?

data collection is something that you put your work in and saves your data

Data formats and data collection?

Data formats: It is formating all data file from pcs.whatever it is not use.suppose when data is full,and some data we want to delete it.. Data collection: It is the collection of new data file.when new data is collecting..

How is software collection different from data collection?

Software collection is different from data collection as data collection works by retrieving all of your data and saving it to one file or place. For example, saving all of your music is an example of data collection. Software collection, on the other hand, is a collection of programs which make up a system. For example, a computer operating system is an example of software collection.

What is a a collection of data called?

Collection of data is data is called as database. But this is only when the data is interrelated to each other.

What is data collection?

Data collection is a term used to describe a process of preparing and collecting data

Why data structuring is important in computer science?

because using the data structure you can store data linear and nonlinear for example stack,queue,tree etc

International data collection agencies pdf?

international data collection agencies

DATA is a collection of raw facts means what?

data is a collection of raw facts

What is a collection of data?

A data set.

Is a database a disorganized collection of random data?

The database is the tool used to organize data, not a collection of disorganized data.

What is a collection of several tables called in data processing?

A database is a collection of tables of data.

What is always a part of the scientific method controlled experiments or data collection?

data collection

Mathematics is a part of scientific data collection?


What is data collection in science?

Data collection refers to the ongoing sytematic collection of data from various sources to anaylze and interpret the collected data in order to answer questions, test hypotheses and evaluate outcomes.

What is a windshield survey data collection grid?

This is a drive by collection of data done on a grid format.

What is the difference between array and enum?

Array is collection of data items of same data type.Enum is collection of data items of different data type.

What is collection of related data stored in a hard disk?

collection of related data stored on a hard disk

The most common way to collect primary data is to use a qustionnaire?

what is primary data collection for research? what is primary data collection for research?

What is the definition of database?

A data base is a collection of data.

What are the characteristics of a data base?

database is the collection of data

Data modeling in system analysis and design?

data modelling is used for organising and structuring of data. we can get overview through generic modelling. organising of data means representing the data in such a way that it comes in a particular order via graphical representation.