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They restrict you from being expressive in your choice of clothing.

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so kids can expres them selves

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Q: What are reasons uniforms and extremely strict dress codes are bad?
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What are the qualities of school uniforms?

It shows in what school you go and represents your school. There are actually a number of good reasons for school uniforms. A great website with expert opinion on the topic of uniform dress codes and school uniforms is in the related link.

Are student dress codes really needed?

Student dress codes can serve to create a conducive learning environment, promote a sense of professionalism, and discourage distractions in the classroom. However, they should be implemented in a fair, non-discriminatory manner and take into account individual expression and cultural sensitivity.

Ask us of the following was a response to events such as attacks on whites by members of maroon colonies the Stono Rebellion and the New York Slave Rebellion?

The passage of strict slave codes

How much better do schools do that have stricter dress codes?

Well, I believe in a strict dress code. I don't think we should wear uniforms, though.

What is a strict law that restricted the rights of slaves?

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was a strict law that required authorities in free states to help capture and return runaway slaves to their owners. Failure to comply could result in fines or imprisonment. This law further restricted the rights of slaves by denying them the opportunity to seek refuge in free states.

Strict rules governing the behavior and punishment of enslaved Africans were called?

slave codes!!

What was the effect of turner rebellion on slaves?

It made slave codes strict

What has the author Linda Lumsden written?

Linda Lumsden has written: 'Dress codes and uniforms'

Are there any girls boarding schools in America with no uniforms?

Yes, but most have dress codes.

Are kids that go to schools where uniforms are not worn in gangs?

No not at all. Most, if not all schools have dress codes. Some are stricter than others. Some schools require uniforms to be worn but many do not. It just simply means that the kids who are not in uniforms go to a school that does not require them to wear uniforms.

What Japanese city proclaimed earthquake-resistant due to strict building codes?


What was the Slave Code?

Slave codes were laws enacted in the American colonies and later in the United States that governed the behavior and treatment of enslaved individuals. These codes restricted the rights and freedoms of slaves, including prohibiting them from learning to read or write, assembling in groups, and moving about freely. The codes also outlined punishments for those who disobeyed the rules, reinforcing the brutal and oppressive nature of the institution of slavery.