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Their are several reasons... Harassment is the most common reason; This is because a kid can cause so much stress on a Teen that they feel they have no where to go so they think that suicide is the best answer, which is why parents should have a strong, loving relationship with their teens so that they can go to someone for help.

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Q: What are reasons why teenagers suicide?
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What are social problems in Brunei?

Unwanted pregnant in teenagers and suicide!

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What is the suicide rate for teenagers in the United Kingdom?

The suicide rate for teenagers in the United Kingdom is estimated to be about 15 in 100,000 in the year 2011. The number shows a decrease since the year 2010.

How many teenagers commit suicide every year?

1.4 million teenagers kill themselves every year

What are the three causes of preventable death for teenagers?

Accidents, Homicide, Suicide.

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Suicide can be committed at any age. Do notice that teenagers and seniors are most likely to commit suicide, and below a certain age death is often not considered an option. Suicide is away from any laws or regulations. There is no minimum required age. In spite of this suicide is most common amongst teenagers as they often go through an emotional phase of their lives. Its one law in life.

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there are 13 reasons

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Hanging, shooting or jumping of a high building

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Suicide (or suicidal ideation) is an important mental health issue that affects people of all ages, but especially teenagers and the elderly.

Is suicide an evil spirit?

No. There are many reasons for suicide, (and implications in the afterlife depending on what you believe in) but there is absolutely no such evil spirit of suicide.

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