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Q: What are region of the stomach and the histology of the stomach wall?
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Which term refers to the upper region that includes the stomach and heart?

the stomach region is called the abdomen abdominal wall..) and the upper region containing the heart and lungs is called the thorax (thoracic surgery..)

Histology is what?

Histology is the study of tissue. That being said when one studies histology you study groups of cells' structure and function. For example, what are the cells that compose the stomach? What do these cells look like? What are the roles of these cells?

A hole in the stomach wall is know as?

a hole the stomach wall is known as a?

Describe the inner wall of the stomach?

The inner wall of the stomach is a smooth wall that is used to keep in the hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach. It is called the mucosal lining.

What abdominal region contains the stomach?

The epigastric region contains most of the stomach. Part is located in the left hypochondriac region.

What is it called when you have a hole in the stomach wall?

A hole in the stomach wall is known commonly as an ulcer. Ulcers are caused by an overabundance of hydrochloric acid within the stomach. The acid weakens the stomach lining and penetrates the stomach wall, causing ulcers.

How do the wall of the stomach different from the wall of the esophagus?

The stomach has to digest the food. The wall of the esophagus has to pass the food to stomach. So the walls of both are designed by nature like that.

What abdominal region is located above the stomach?

The epigastric region is located above the stomach.

What is the region above the stomach?

Epigastric region. :)

What abdominal region is located below stomach?

The hypogastric region is below the stomach. Hypogastric literally means "below stomach."

Function of rugae on the stomach wall of a fetal pig?

The function of the rugae on the stomach wall is to aid in digestion. This smooth's out as the stomach is filled with food.

What are found in the walls of the stomach?

Hi:) there is a wall of mucus on the inside of your stomach. The mucus is there so that the acid in your stomach doesn't eat through your stomach. If you didn't have that wall of mucus you would have a big hole in your stomach, and I am pretty sure NO ONE wants that. Basically the wall of mucus that is in your stomach is a shield.

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