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Q: What are regional disparities in development seen through indicators in a para?
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What are regional disparities in development seen through indicators?


Observable and detectable items that can be pieced together through analysis to reveal sensitive information about your operation are called?


Discuss the role of government as the promoter regulator entrepreneur of industrial development?

The promotional role of the government in relation to industries can be seen as providing finance to industry, in granting various incentives and in creating infrastructure facilities for industrial growth and investment. For example, our government has identified certain backward areas as 'No Industry Districts'. To promote development of such areas, Government provides subsidies and tax holiday to attract investment in backward areas. In this way the government will help the process of balanced development and thereby remove regional disparities. The government is assisting the development of small scale industries. The District Industrial Centers are assisting the development of small industries. The government is actively helping the industrial development of the country by providing finance to them through the development banks.

What is DIGICEL mission statement?

Working through the sharing of information, expertise and coordinating efforts to facilitate the provision of quality telecommunication services for regional, economic, social and cultural development for the Caribbean."

What is the term meaning pertaining to development?

Companies engage in the Concept Development process when they want to define alternate product concepts, investigate product feasibility, and ultimately select one or more candidates that will be pursued during product development. These days, there are no second chances. You either select the right concepts to develop, or your product fails, resulting in lost market share and dissatisfied customers, not to mention the money and time poured into a losing product. Companies need to be agile enough to explore many concepts and quick enough to narrow down the options to the concept most likely to succeed. It's crucial to encourage innovation and set the stage for creation of big, revolutionary ideas. Capturing and formalizing concept development and involving all relevant stakeholders in the design is another challenge. It's important to "get it right the first time" by reaching customers and including their voice in review and selection of concepts. Ensuring concept designs meet the requirements during shortening design cycle times often prevents thorough exploration of alternatives. PTC's Product Development System (PDS) delivers all the essential tools for authoring and managing a complete digital product definition. Digital concept generation tools enable brainstorming and exploration of design ideas and development of product concepts within a single environment. Concept product information is managed in a single, structured, cross-discipline product data repository that gives timely and role-based access to a globally dispersed product development team. Customers can be integrated securely and seamlessly into collaborative environments to ensure concept designs meet requirements.

Is licence required for computer repairing service in united Arab emirates?

A trade license is required for any kind of buisness activity in the UAE, this is normally obtained through the regional offices of the Department of Economic Development

What has the author Wolfgang Zehender written?

Wolfgang Zehender has written: 'Cooperation versus integration' -- subject(s): Economic integration, Southern African Development Coordination Conference 'Regional cooperation through trade and industry?'

What is the process-focused strategy of maybank company?

Maybank company aims to be a regional leader in financial services through sustainable development. The business is conducted in a way that enhances both short term and long term performance.

What is paragraph development through?

define paragraph development by classification

What organized through the development of spanish colonies?

the development of spanish colonies in the New World was organizeed through:

What was Jesus mission statement?

Expand core values through carefully selected licensees, and apostles/ regional development managers. Expand publishing division into hotels under Gideon brand. Maximise shareholder returns regarding afterlife.

In what state is Clearview Regional High School?

Clearview Regional High School Clearview Regional High School is a regional public high school serving students in ninth through twelfth grades it's located in New Jersey state.