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What are scientific instruments?

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Scientific instruments are tool used to aid people in scientific experimentation, measurements, etc. Some examples would be a thermometer, barometer, seki dish.

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When was Imago Scientific Instruments created?

Imago Scientific Instruments was created in 1999.

What are examples of scientific instruments?

scientific calculator

What were three new scientific instruments that were invented as a result of the scientific revolution?

The telescope, the microscope and navigational instruments were invented in the scientific revolution.

What has the author Gerard L'Estrange Turner written?

Gerard L'Estrange Turner has written: 'Nineteenth Century Scientific Instruments' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, Handbooks, manuals, History 'God bless the microscope!' -- subject(s): History, Microscope and microscopy, Royal Microscopical Society (Great Britain) 'Elizabethan instrument makers' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, History, Scientific apparatus and instruments industry, Catalogs 'Antique scientific instruments' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, Collectors and collecting

How many scientific instruments are there?


Importance of scientific instruments?

To aid people in scientific experimentation s and measurements.They are more refined and specialized than other measuring instruments.

What has the author Benjamin Pike written?

Benjamin Pike has written: 'Pike's illustrated catalogue of scientific instruments' -- subject(s): Catalogs, History, Medical instruments and apparatus, Scientific apparatus and instruments

What are the scientific instruments available?

Please clarify.

What are scientific apparatus?

The instruments that scientists need.

What important developments took place in scientific instruments?

Scientific instruments may be usefully regarded as the capital goods of the research industry. Example: Computers.

What has the author R H Nuttall written?

R. H. Nuttall has written: 'Early scientific instruments' -- subject(s): Scientific apparatus and instruments, Scientific apparatus collections, Exhibitions, History

How many instruments are there in the world?

Assuming you just mean musical instruments and not scientific instruments, it would be impossible to give you a factual answer to this question.

What is a type of observation made with scientific instruments?


The invention of what two scientific instruments began the age of modern weather forecasting?

The two scientific instruments that began the age of modern weather forecasting are the, thermometer and barometer.

What is an uncrewed vehicle that carries scientific instruments into space to collect scientific data?

Space Probe

What is the flute's scientific name?

Flutes are wind instruments as are many other musical instruments but I don't think it has a "scientific" name. There are other names for small flutes but not ordinary flutes.

Texas instruments TI-30XIIS is a scientific calculator?

Yes, the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS, released in 2003, is a scientific calculator. It is an updated version of the TI-30 scientific calculator from 1976, which sold for $25.

Why does a probe need scientific instruments?

I assume you're talking about a space probe.It doesn't need scientific instruments, but if it didn't have them, thenthere really wouldn't be any reason to launch it, now would there.

What company makes scientific calculators that have the best reviews?

Texas Instruments makes the best reviewed scientific calculators.

How do you spell insterments?

The correct spelling is instruments (scientific or musical devices).

What scientific instruments would a coach use?

A whistle, a computer, and a glove.

What scientific instruments are used to measure distance between planets?


What are the different scientific instruments used in solving science problems in biology?

There are hundreds of different scientific apparatus used for experimentation.

Is Scientific instruments manufacturing considered a footloose industry?

i beleave that is not a footloose industry because we have to use raw materials to produse scientific instruments and we also need transportation links to get the raw materials to the factories i beleave that is not a footloose industry because we have to use raw materials to produse scientific instruments and we also need transportation links to get the raw materials to the factories

What has the author Stuart G Hibben written?

Stuart G. Hibben has written: 'Effects of high power lasers' 'Soviet development of scientific research instruments' -- subject(s): Science, Scientific apparatus and instruments