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What are sickle cells?

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Sickle cells are cells that are kind of a half moon shape, and they look kind of like the top of sickles. Having sickle cells can cause sickle cell disease.

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Why are sickle cells sickle?

because they can

Do sickle cells have a nucleus?

"Sickle cells" refers to an abnormal shape (rather like a sickle) of red blood cells. Red blood cells in humans do not have a nucleus.

What is the difference between sickle cells and normal cells?

There is one main difference between sickle cells and normal cells, sickle cells, created in a sickle or crescent shape, while normal cells are shaped like doughnuts. As a result of the shape of the sickle cells, they can only carry a fractional amount of oxygen and nutrients. So people effected by sickle cell anemia, suffer from shortness of breath and weakness. See related link for picture of sickle cell and normal cell

What are abnormal crescent shaped BLOOD cell?

Sickle cells. Sickle cell anemia is the disease characterized by sickle-shaped blood cells.

How long do sickle cells live?

Sickle cells last only 10-12 days

What is the difference between normal blood cells and sickle cells?

Sickle cells are a sickle or crescent shape that can only carry a fractional amount of oxygen and nutrients. Normal cells are shaped like doughnuts.

What are Sickle cells like?

Sickle cells are also less flexible and stickier than normal red blood cells

What is sic-o-cells?

Sickle cells?

How do children get sickle cell?

they get sickle cells if any one in their family had it?

You have sickle cell anemia what will folic acid do for your sickle cell anemia?

ITS GOOD 4 UR SICKLE CELL! When you have sickle cell, your body looses cells. Folic acid helps to create new cells.

What causes the sickle cell anemia disease?

sickle shaped blood cells

Is sickle cells disease hereditary?

Sickle cell anemia -yes it is hereditary

Where is sickle cell anermia found in the body?

Sickle cells are found in the blood.

What is a genetic autoimmune difficiency in which blood cells look like a sickle It is not sickle cell anemia?

sickle cell anemia

How does sickle cells affect physical appearance?

does sickle-cell change the way you look

The difference between sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease?

If you have sickle cell trait, you would have a few disformed red blood cells in your body. If you have sickle cell disease, almost all of your red blood cells are disformed. :(

Is sickle-cell codominance?

yes there are two concentrations of sickle cell they are: sickle cell trait: co-dominance is established and only 50% of your cells are malformed sickle cell anemia: sickle cell is totally dominant and all cells are malformed, this only happens when both alleles are coded for sickle cell

Does sickle cell anaemia have white blood cells?

Sickle Cell Anaemia is a genetic disorder that affects the red blood cells. The shape of the cells are changed from being round and flexible to sickle or crescent shaped. These abnormal cells can then clog the blood vessels, causing extreme pain and discomfort. These episodes are known as sickle cell crisis.

Why are red blood cells sickle shaped in a person with sickle cell disease?

Sickle cell is common in people from tropical areas where malaria is prevalent. Malaria can not survive on blood cells that are sickle shaped, so when populations were being killed off by malaria, those with sickle cell were surviving and passing on the sickle cell gene.

What is the illness sickle cell anemia?

The illness sickle cell anemia is a blood disease that occurs when the red blood cells have an irregular shape, such as a sickle shape. This decreases the red blood cells flexibility.

Sickle cells cause what type of genetic blood disease?

Sickle cells can cause sickle cell anemia. This type of anemia is genetically transmitted, and it most common in people of African American ancestry.

What cells are affected by sickle cell anemia?

Red blood cells.

What kind of cells keep the body from working properly?

Sickle Cells?

What does malaria have to do with sickle cells?

Immunity to malaria

How do sickle cells different from normal red blood cells?

Sickle cells are shaped like a crescent because of abnormal hemoglobin. The don't flow as well as red blood cells and tend to clog arteries.

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