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What are signs a guy likes you?

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Okay, quick question here:Everything I have read and heard so far about how a guy stares at you when showing signs of possible interest have been that he'll look away when you catch him looking at you. But for some reason with me, guys that my friends say like me and it's kinda obvious they have crushes on me (this is like 5 guys i know of) always stare back at me when I look at them. It's not an expressional stare necessarily, more like... I'm staring at you dreamingly and i know you're looking at me but I'm gonna keep staring into you eyes and like most ALL guys I make eye contact with (even in a normal random day) proceed to look me in the eyes and wait for me to look away first. I don't know what this is supposed to signify... i don't make creepy eye contact or anything and they're always looking at me first... maybe i have pretty eyes... or it's something I'm totally un-aware of but WHY DO I ALWAYS CATCH BOYS STARING ME IN THE EYE FOR LONG TIME PERIODS AND NEVER LOOKING AWAY WHEN I CATCH THEM STARING AT ME? AnswerWhen a guy is attracted to you he gives you signs like:

looking at u a lot.. somethimes follows you, talking to u nervuslly not relaxed in talking with you.. but every person is different remember that!!!

I think that when a guy likes you, he cares about you alot. Like for example, once I was over at my crush's place, and then suddenly my stomach gave this huge rumble. Then he looked at me with like a "what the heck" look. Then I told him that I didn't have lunch. Immediately, he asked his sister to go make a sandwich for me =D

Also, he will be very jealous when you talk about other guys. For instance, when I told my crush about my fake crush, he was like "tell me everything you know about him." He will try to find out about other guys so he can improve himself more, if you know what I mean.

He'll also be mean to you, in a joking fashion. One of my guyfriends was bugging the crap out of me, and then our teacher saw it and said that some guys like to show that they like you by being mean. It's really weird, but I guess we'll never understand guys =D

One major point-he'll be staring at you. When you catch him staring at you, he'll turn away. The moment you turn away, out of the corner of your eye, you can see him staring at you again. Or he'll just prolong the stare when you catch him in the act, which gives you this crazy feeling. When you enter a room, if you look really closely at them, you can see that they've turned their heads, and their looking at you at the corner of their eye.

Or you can just instinctively tell that they like you. Guys are really hard to understand, and for guys, girls are hard to understand too. Just give it some time, and soon enough, you'll find out if he likes you or not.

Also if a guy likes you, you can tell by if you're talking to another guy he'll have a jealous/mean kind of face... than he doesn't look at you as often as he was.

1. He stares at you all the time.

2. When you are around he Becomes more polite.

3. He is nice to your friends

4. He will ask for your Phone number or MSN

5. If he has your MSN the moment you log on he will say hey.

6. He will barley text you even if he has your number. ( if he is a shy guy )

7. He will ask you out

8. He will raise his eyebrows if he sees you ( if only for a second. )

9. He will always help you

10. he will always make you laugh

11. Apologizes a lot

12. always tries to make you feel better

13. if you flirt with him he will flirt back

14. Will remember things others will have forgotten

15. You always bump into him

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Signs if a guy likes you?

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What are some signs that a shy guy likes you?

You can tell when a shy guy likes by observing a few signs. If he likes being around you, laughs at your jokes, compliments you, and does nice things for you, this may mean he really likes you.

What signs do a guy give you when he likes you?

Looks at you a lot

What signs does a guy give you if he likes you?

He looks at you and talks to you.

How do you tell if a guy really likes you back?

he will flirt with you and give you signs that he likes you .. :D

How do you know if a guy likes me in tuition?

Well has he given you any signs of you thinking he likes you?

What are signs that the guy your dating likes you?

when he flirts and stretch his arms

How do you see the signs that a guy likes you?

he would be constantly looking at you

What are signs that a guy likes you more then a friend How can you tell if he likes u back?

There are many possible signs that a guy likes you back more than as just friends. One easy way to find out is to simply ask him.

What are some signs that a guy likes you?

smiling and laughing are key. P.S. If you like a guy but your not sure he likes you try hanging out with him more; get to be his friend.

Signs a man likes a woman?

If its a kid than the guy will be as nice as they can to you.

What are the most obvious signs that a guy likes you back?

he will folo u

How do you know if a cute guy likes you?

first of all, dont ask the guy if he likes you! look for clues or signs! see if he is trying to give you clues.

What are signs a guy likes you that he talks about distcusting stuff?

when a guy likes you, he stares at you everyday and when you look at him, he looks away. Or if you talk or sit next to him, he will get sweaty. :)

Signs a shy guy likes you are?

There is a few ways you can tell when a shy guy likes you. You can tell by the way he looks at you, smiles, sets near you or touches you.

Signs a guy that likes you is happy to see you?

well when he starts to flirt with you or smiles at you.

What are some signs a guy likes you back?


What signs show that the guy you like wants you to know he likes you back?

He tells you.

How do you be close to a guy you like?

make a nice conversation.flirt a him for signs that he likes.

Signs that a quiet guy likes you?

If a quiet guy likes you his hands would be shaking and he would probably smile a lot. I miss it so much! 😕

Signs a guy likes you while watching a movie at his house?

Signs a guy likes you while watching a movie are trying to put his arm around you, snuggling, playful jestures, our trying to like hold your hand in the popcorn bucket.

What are signs a shy christian guy likes you what would he do and how would he act?

try and kiss you?

What are signs that a guy you've never spoken to likes you?

When he's nearby for no apparent reason.

What are signs that a guy likes you that you might be able to pick up on?

He'll try to impress you [:

How do you no if a guy likes you as a friend or as a girlfriend?

Ask him or throw out subtle signs and see how he reacts.

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