What are signs that your live-in boyfriend is cheating on you?

If your gut instinct has you feeling like this then it's probably true, but it's always best to get it from the horse's mouth ... your boyfriend. Of course most of them lie about it anyway. SIGNS ARE: Strange phone calls such as someone calling and if you answer they hang up. If your boyfriend answers the phone, walks into another room or is talking in a muffled voice. If you find phone numbers in his wallet with no names on them. If he smells of perfume If he goes out a lot, but doesn't take you with him. Doesn't come until very late and has no explanation for you. Make-up on his shirts Unexplained scratches on his back I think you get the picture by now. If you think he's cheating then talk to him. Although you may not get the truth out of him watch for these signs: His eyes darting around the room His body language such as pacing, moving from room to room, pretending he's doing something while talking to you or fidgeting. Good luck Marcy