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egg shells are alike teeth because they have the same calcium salts, calcium keeps the teeth healthy and strong, teeth also contain calcium carbonate, and proteins, also sea shells, bones, and coral skeletons have the samecalcium as our teeth :P

Calcium is a comman component in both of these.

Answercalcium is the answer. it keeps the teeth and the eggshells healthy and strong AnswerBoth teeth and eggshells contain calcium carbonate, and proteins. By the way so do bones, coral skeletons and shells.
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Q: What are similarities in teeth and eggshells?
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How are eggshells the same as teeth?

They aren't!

Tell you about teeth and eggshells?

they are very similar

What can substitute teeth in a science project?


Are teeth made out of egg shells?

No. Teeth are bones. Bones are not made out of eggshells.

What can you use instead of teeth for a science experiment?


What can you use instead of teeth for your science fair project?

Eggshells or shells

How are teeth enamel and eggshells alike?

they both have a calcium called carbornate

A polyatomic ion present in eggshells as well as in teeth?

Carbonate, CO32-

What i you use instead of teeth for my science fair peoject?

You can use eggshells or shells

What is a substitute for tooth enamel?

Eggshells are a good substitute for teeth, because there both made up of similar stones like material that is made up of calcium. Eggshells are calcium carbonate, and teeth enamel is calcium phosphate. Which make both them composites, because they are both not pure calcium.

What is chicken bone made of?

chicken bones are made up of calcium. my question is whether or not they can relate to eggshells and humans teeth

What effect does Pepsi have on eggshells?

Eggshells have calcium and Pepsi can remove the calcium when eggshells soak in the soda. The Pepsi has phosphoric acid which is the effect that breaks down the calcium of the eggshells.

How do you use eggshell to test effects of liquids on teeth?

Eggshells like teeth have a lot of calcium in them. If some substance erodes away an eggsheel, then it can have a bad effect on tooth enamel as well.

Do eggshells clog pipes?

They can. Pouring vinegar down a drain clogged with eggshells should unclog it as the vinegar dissolves the eggshells.

Shelley smells like eggshells?

its true cos she smells like eggshells!!!!!!!!! its true cos she smells like eggshells!!!!!!!!!

Does eggshells have a smell?

Yes, eggshells do have a smell if you leave it out for a certain time.

What happens to eggshells in different types of liquids?

Eggshells are dissolved in acidic solutions.

When was Walking on Eggshells created?

Walking on Eggshells was created on 2004-10-25.

Do brown eggshells contain more carbonate the white eggshells?

no it dose not if you are asking this you are wierd

Had the eggshells of either species returned to their original thickness by 1980?

Eggshells are missionary intributed.

Why do eggshells dissolve in dilute hydrochloric acid?

Eggshells are high in calcium, which is corroded away by the acid.

What is the chemical equation for eggshells?

Most eggshells contain calcium carbonate, wit h the formula CaCO3.

Is it walking on eggs or walking on eggshells?

It's walking on eggshells. The idea is that you're trying not to break them.

Can you use eggshells for compost in a garden?

Yes, because eggshells (crashed) are good for acid soils and contain calcium.

Is mixing water and eggshells a physical or chemical change?

physical water and eggshells do not chemically bond

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