What are small fragments of stones?

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Small stones or fragments of stones?


Small stones or fragments of stone or very small pebbles often intermixed with particles of sand?


Small stones thrown from a volcano?

The stones thrown from a volcanic eruption are called tuff. These rocks are also called volcanic fragments and they can be thrown hundreds of miles away from the volcano.

What treatment is given for kidney stones?

If the stones are small enough, they will pass on their own. If they are too big, then the doctor will bombard them with ultrasound waves in order to balst them into tiny fragments, thus allowing them to pass.

Why Chestnuts are fried together with small stones?

Chestnuts need small stones to get rid of the germs as the small stones are not normal stones.

Chestnuts are fried together with small stones?

chestnuts are fried with small stones because the chestnuts need the small stones to get rid of germs. besides, it need the smell. (those are not normal stones)

What are volcanic fragments?

Volcanic fragments are small pieces of rock that come from a volcano. Fragments are usually thrown in the air during a volcanic eruption.

What cuts DNA into small fragments?


Can a vacuum cleaner pick up small stones?

In general, yes, a good working vacuum cleaner can pick up small stones if the stones are small enough.

What are small fragments that have entered to earth atmosphere and fallen to surface?

If the fragments had their origin in outer space, the fragments to be found on Earth would be called "meteorites".

When leaving the campsite at the ruins of the fort how did the men avoid leaving a trail?

stepping on stones and fragments of wood

Small fragments of matter orbiting the sun?


What is the breakdown of exposed rock into small fragments?


Are peptides carbohydrates?

No peptides are small fragments of proteins

What part of the blood is formed of small cell fragments?

That would be platelets, and they are formed of small cell fragments, exactly like you say. They form clots to stop bleeding.

How many inches in stones?

It depends on how big or small the stones are. There are no agreed boundaries separating pebbles from stones, and stones from boulders.

Do people pee out kidney stones?

Yes, you can pass it naturally or you can go to the hospital where they probe into your kidney or gallbladder and break the stones into smaller fragments so you can pass them easier. Either way, the stones are coming out the same place.

Define soil conservation and its policies?

Soil is a combination of small rock fragments and organic material. Soil is formed when the underlying rock, or bedrock, of an area is broken into small fragments

A mixture of small mineral fragments and organic matter?


What are small fragments of matter orbiting the sun?

meteoroid meteoroid

What is a mixture of small mineral fragments and organic matter?


What are small cell fragments that aid in blood clotting?


Small fragments of matter not asteroid's orbiting the sun?


How far can fragments travel from a 1-pounnd explosion?

It depends upon the size of the fragments. Very small fragments can be blown into the air and carried by air currents around the world.

What is a rather small volcano with steep slopes built from ejected lava fragments?

a small volcano.