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These tiny (8 mm. long), shrimp-like creatures are called Lawn Shrimp, House Hoppers or Landhoppers. This land-dwelling crustacean, Talitroides Sylvaticus (Order Amphipoda), is related to the beach flea. It is not dangerous, but sometimes the numerous corpses draw ants. They lay their eggs in leaf mold under shrubs and ground covers. Common in Southern California, they are frequently found in large numbers shortly after a heavy rain in Autumn. They appear on sidewalks or inside homes on carpets, but have also been found in tennis courts. They die soon after the vain attempt to escape their flooded habitat. It would appear the best way to prevent the infestation would be to eliminate shrubs and ground covers near the entrances to your home. See the Related Links for "My Orange County: House Hoppers;" "What's That Lawn Shrimp;" "Wayne's Word: Southern CA Arthropods" and " Diane Bell/Raining shrimp" at the bottom for more information. == ==

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Q: What are small orange or red shrimp-like insects and how do you get rid of them?
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