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It could be small cysts just under the scalp, i have 2 on my head and they are painfull when pressed or knocked.

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Q: What are small painful lumps on the scalp?
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Small none painful lumps on scalp?


What are small lumps on scalp?

Small lumps on the scalp are likely caused by bug bites. Spiders and mosquitoes can cause a series of small lumps on the scalp.

Are cancer lumps painful even though small?

Not necessarily. If you have lumps, please discuss it with your doctor immediately.

Are breast cancer lumps normally painful?

Breast lumps of all types may or may not be painful. This is true of both cancerous and noncancerous lumps.

Why are there scabs on your scalp?

I have a scab on the cown of my scalp and in my nose

You have painful headlumps which then disappear after a couple of days your scalp feels tender and the lumps are very sore to touch you have red blood vessels in your eye?

I am getting a lot of them now and they make me very dizzy.

What could be the cause of painful small lumps inside your ears?

Blackheads and pimples do form inside the ear and down in the canal.

Painful bumps on left side of scalp?

There are many reasons why you might have painful bumps on left side of scalp. These could be bug bites.

What causes Painful lumps on legs?

insect bites!

What could cause small lumps on the knuckle?

This could be ganglion cysts. They are small bumps on various joints that come and go. They are not serious but could be painful when pressure is applied to them.

Is hair restoration surgery painful?

"Yes, it is because you have to have small incisions done on your scalp, and pieces of hair sewn into them. It seems like it would be very painful once you woke up from surgery."

What causes small painless lumps on back of neck near hairline?

There are various reasons these lumps may appear including minor infections and rashes. If it grows larger, changes color, or becomes painful you may to get it checked out.

Is polosystic ova ries to do with hair loss?

no, they are painful lumps on the ovaries

Can small lumps cause cancer?

Small lumps of what?If you're talking about small lumps of tissue, the problem is not so much that they might cause cancer as that they might be cancer, and they could possibly spread.

What causes painful lumps in the breast?

This could be serious, get it checked by a doctor immediately.

What do you do if you have lumps on your head and neck some of which are painful and are now increasing?

Doctor. Immediately.

Puss filled painful lumps in the arm pit?

a symptom of the bubonic plague

What is the system of tumor?

At first, lumps will appear, and then the patient will feel painful and bleeding.

What causes painful lumps in muscles?

Many things--go see a doctor ASAP.

You have 3 very painful lumps in your arm pit?

Swollen lumps in the armpits can be an indication of lymphatic disorders and there are a great many causes. Go see a doctor.

My dog's testicles look like they have small lumps are the testes normally round or egg shaped?

If your dog's testicles look like they have small lumps on the testes, you should get them checked out. However, these small lumps are typically round, not egg shaped and not large.

What could lumps behind your ear be that you have had for about a year and are getting bigger and very painful?

You really need to see a doctor. As a general rule, lumps that get bigger should be taken seriously.

Why do your breasts have small lumps in them?

If you have lumps go to the doctor. There are many causes for these, but only a doctor can determine if there is a problem.

Small lumps of rock orbiting the sun?

The small lumps of rocks orbiting around the sun are called nuggets. These nuggets could either be asteroids or meteors.

Why is milk of magnesia a colloid?

there are small solid lumps in it

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You have painful headlumps which then disappear after a couple of days your scalp feels tender and the lumps are very sore to touch you have red blood vessels in your eye?

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