What are snails?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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snails are little beasts that latch on to your kiwis

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Snails have beautiful shells and are slimy but cute.

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Q: What are snails?
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What is the difference between garden snails and apple snails?

Apple snails are freshwater aquatic snails. Garden snails are land snails.Apple snails have lungs and gillsGarden snails have lungs onlyApple snails skin is thin and translucent (with slime)Garden snails skin is thick and leathery (with slime)All apple snails have two sets of antennaeGarden snails have species with one and two sets.

Can snails live in water?

water snails but not regular snails

What type of snails are good with triops?

Sea snails Freshwater snails

Do apple snails eat small snails?

Apple Snails will eat other snails if you don't feed them. If you feed them, then they are alright.

Do snails have bristles?

Snails do not have bristles. Snails do have a raspy tongue though.

Are snails harmfull?

no snails are not harmful.

Are snails anphibians?

Snails are invertebrates. :)

Is snails hervibores?

snails are hervibores?

How many different species of snails are there?

There may be more than 50,000 species of snails in the world, and each of these species are of three basic types, land snails, sea snails, and freshwater snails.Some types of snails include the Roman snail, the garden snail, and the giant African land snail. There are thousands of species of snails.

Are snails detrivores?

there various types of snails water snail, omnivore snails ,and snails that only eats leaves it all depends on the name of the type of snail

Why do live snails gather around crushed snails?

the protein from the other snails shells

Are snails extinct?

Many species of land or aquatic snails exist.