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Considering they don't hae ears, theyare sensitive to ground movement lige: Stomping, Jumping etc. And colder temperatures.

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Q: What are snakes sensitive to?
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What is the organ called the detects heat from snakes?

There isn't a specific 'organ' - Snakes usually have a row of heat-sensitive 'pits' (or tiny holes) arranged around the top edge of their mouth.

Where can i catch a snake?

You can find snakes in tall grass and near sunny creeks. They are sensitive to motion so walk lightly

Are speckled band snakes deaf?

All snakes lack auditory organs, so, yes, they are deaf; however, their jawbones can pickup vibrations and their tongues contain extra sensitive scent molecules that somewhat make up for their lack of hearing.

Do snakes are afraid of thunder There are references in ancient Tamil literaturre about this?

probably, yes... as i think you know, snake are sensitive to ground vibrations. and thunder might cause distortions which effect the snake.

What is a sentence with the word sensitive?

He has sensitive teeth so he uses special toothpaste.Her feet were very sensitive.Sensitive people are usually very quiet.Be sensitive because he is upset.This file contains sensitive information.I am sorry but I cannot give that kind of sensitive information to you.

How do snakes catch their pray?

No - they have very poor eyesight and can only see light and dark (shadows). Their tongues are very sensitive to heat and smell. When a snakes tongue is darting in and out of the mouth they are literally taking in the particles from the air and analyzing the particles for water or prey in the area.

How can your face be sensitive?

your face can be sensitive because your skin is always sensitive. like allergic reactions, its sensitive you can be sensitive if you break out in hives or your body can be sensitive. Your face can also be sensitive because of your bones

Why do snakes have there tongues out when they are searching for pray?

They don't ! They flick their tongue - which catches scent particles floating in the air. the tongue is withdrawn into the mouth, and the tips inserted into 'Jacobsons organ' - a sensitive area on the roof of the mouth.

What type of snakes are there?

There are many different familes of snakes. Pythons, boa constrictors, rat snakes, garters, grass snakes, flying snakes, rattlers, vipers, blind snakes, asps, wart snakes, sunbeam snakes, etc.

What is the prefix for sensitive?


How does the snake retina differ from that of other vertebrates?

Snakes eyes differ from eyes of mammals or other vertebrates. Other vertebrates are able to focus a sharp image on he retina of their eyes, by using a special muscle to change the shape of the lens. In many snakes though these muscles are absent, therefore a snake cannot focus on a stationary object. They are however very sensitive to movement. Some snakes have excellent eye sight but they are very uncommon.

What snakes are water snakes?

Snakes of the subfamily Natricinae are usually regarded as water snakes.