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software that is specifically or typically used in the film industry


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Pro Tools is the industry standard for audio and music editing in both film and television.

how to get into film industry

Turkey simply had a film industry? Get outta here.

Kerala Film industry is known as 'Mollywood'.

The film industry is the biggest platform of arts and entertainment. The worth of the film industry in domestic market is that it is considered the major export of US.

The duration of City of Industry - film - is 1.62 hours.

Thomas Edison started the film industry but i dont know what year

Dadasaheb Phalke is the father indian film industry.

It is easier to get into the film industry as a as a cinematographer or music industry music producer if you are talented in those areas.

Vertical integration in the film industry is a process through which the various steps of film production are controlled by a single company. This is aimed at empowering the company in the industry.

mohanlal and mammootti are the best actors of malayalam film industry.

Since the film industry has various positions and fields, any skills can be transferred to the film industry.

Tamil film industry, the Kollywood, is the second largest film industry in India, interms of revenue and global distribution/market. Bollywood, ofcourse, is the largest.

Academy Award for Best Picture is the greates prize in the film industry.

If you mean like - Hollywood / Bollywood, the Kannada film industry is called - Sandalwood.

The "film industry" is intangible therefore impossible to purchase.

City of Industry - film - was created on 1997-03-14.

Kollywood is different from Bollywood. Bollywood is the industry which makes movies in Hindi. Kollywood is the Tamil movie making industry.

Movie, film and entertainment industry.

Bollywood is the name of Film Industry of India. It is one of it's kind of Industry. It has produced thousands of films till now.

Chuck Norris has completely changed the film industry due to his huge talent. His talent has made the film industry a lot better. Everyone knows who Chuck Norris is.

Grapevine Jobs is a recruitment agency set up specifically for jobs in the TV and film industry in the United Kingdom. The website was launched in 2001.

The reason why it's important to the film industry is because it can promote itself through the media and world wide, so people can then go and watch the film.

In 1994 Jefford Curre' invented the Bahamas Film Industry. For more info go to or

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