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i don't know the types of subsurface mining, but i know some facts.

surface mining is safer and easier than subsurface mining.

You don't have much air underground.

It has no or very little advantages compared to surface mining.


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Disadvantages:Surface mining is very dangerous.Advantages:Subsurface mining is saferSubsurface mining is cheaper,Subsurface mining is faster60% of the mining in the US is Subsurface mining.

Surface mining is safer and easier than subsurface mining.Surface mining does more damage to the environment than subsurface.Surface mining creates more of a mess then subsurface or open cut mining.ON TH OTHER HAND-Subsurface mining is very dangerous.Subsurface mining allows you to retreive minerals from underground.Subsurface mining requires you to go underground, where you will have very little air.

Subsurface mining, is the extraction of ores and minerals, which lie underground.

when you do subsurface mining it causes earth quakes and tsunamis

Surface Miningeasier than subsurface miningdoes more damage to environmentcreates more of a messSubsurface Miningit is very dangerousyou retrieve minerals from undergroundyou have very little air underground

Subsurface mining is less disruptive to the environment that strip mining, however the danger to the miners is greater

The types of mining are shaft mining, strip mining, surface mining, and subsurface mining.

Quarrying, Solution Mining, and Longwall Mining..this answer is presented to you by Tim/ Memphis

Mining techniques can be divided into two common excavation types: surface mining (above ground) and subsurface (underground) mining. sometimes subsurface mining is also called deep mining like in my text book p.s i am in 8th grade

Stop using explosives, stop surface and subsurface mining, and start recycling

the positive side of the 'mining' is that it is cheap but the negatives to it are its dangerous, time consuming and back breaking work

Surface mining is used where the ore or material to be extracted is located fairly close to the surface. The overlying ground cover is removed, the material is mined, and the ground cover is ordinarily replaced. Subsurface mining is used where the material is in veins deep beneath the surface, or obstructed (by rock layers, water tables, or other strata) in a way that make surface access impractical. Early mines used existing caves, but technology has brought increasingly deep and complex drilling to reach veins of coal or metal ores.Surface MiningSafer and easier than subsurface mining.Does more damage to the surface ecosystems than subsurfaceCreates more of a mess than subsurface or open cut mining.Subsurface MiningNot as much widespread damage to ecosystemsDifficult and expensive to digVery dangerous conditions can include collapses, released gases, particulates in the air, low oxygen, and heat

Three kinds of tunnels used in subsuface mining are... Horizontal tunnels,tunnels dug at a certain angle, and vertical tunnels.

Stop using explosives, stop surface and subsurface mining, and start recycling! ;)I'm a genius! Trust me.Have a nice day. God bless you.

what and where is the subsurface of the sun

Disadvantages: It is harder than surface mining and it also costs more money and takes more time Advantages: Leads to more minerals and ore, also creates less pollution.

As Dirac once said: "That is not a question. It is a statement."

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Through extraction from earths crust either by surface mining such as by panning and open-pit methods, or by subsurface tunneling and extraction, following ore veins.

Subsurface currents are oceanic currents that form underneath a surface current.

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