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The game is a Fire Red hack, so Pokemon Fire Red codes will work.

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How do you get all Tm's in Pokemon Shiny Gold?

well...you should download Pokemon shiny gold then copy this link http://www.supercheats.com/index.htm then search some Pokemon shiny gold cheats!!!

What are some gameshark codes for the vba rom of Pokemon shiny gold?

Just google: Pokemon Shiny Gold Gameshark codes. Actually there isn't many submitted cheats for ShinyGold. Search Firered cheats, because ShinyGold is a hack of Firered, I have it. It works also works for ChaosBlack

What are some actionreplay codes for shiny Pokemon on pearldiamond?

All Pokemon are shiny(owned or wild) 12068AC5 000046C0

What are some good codes for diamond?

The Shiny code and the Pokemon modifier

What are some shiny Pokemon codes for PTD?

ghtrh2hdh1115 ghg441tjhrt5j5 etgwe25dgddg

How can you get a Shiny Kyogre in sapphire?

You can hack it........... ign.com has some great shiny, wild Pokemon editing, level codes.

What are some codes for Pokemon tower defense?

For some trade IDs-for a shiny tentacool level 1 is 14f5e39dd93d55 and for a shiny staru is 14f5e3962765d4

What are some good fake pokemon games?

Pokemon Dark Cry version,Shiny Gold version.

Can you get Sinnoh Pokemon on shiny gold?

No Because Zel ( The creator) Only put Some Hoenn Pokemon As new

Can a ditto mate with a shiny Zoroark to make a shiny egg?

no because shiny Pokemon are caused from the complicated codes that Pokemon are programmed and a certain part controls whether its shiny or not with as well as nature and looks for some Pokemon (example: spinda) but when bred the code doesnt go to the offsprings

Where can you get flamethrower in Pokemon Shiny Gold?

You don't have to find it. Some fire type Pokemon can learn that move so you don't really need it.

What are some recommendations for good Pokemon roms or hacks?

Pokemon Shiny Gold, Pokemon Naranja/Orange, Pokemon Prism, etc. You can find more information about hacks on bulbapedia.

What are some Nintendo DS action replay codes for Pokemon?

these codes are for the software action replay there just used to add cheats like walk anywhere or every Pokemon or even all Pokemon shiny lol isn't that cool

Are there ar codes for Pokemon HeartGold and soul silver?

google: ar codes heart gold neoseeker.. ull find some there

How do you get some Rae Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

catch them or if u want codes? check them on Google, type in "wild Pokemon modifier code" then u can use that to make any1 appear, i used this code with my shiny code and i can make any1 appear and shiny

On Pokemon platinum could someone make an action replay code for a shiny Magikarp with 200 in every stat?

There are codes for some stuff and there is a code for finding shiny Pokemon in the grass withought using the pokeradar but idk the code

How do you get the shiny outfits on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You paint some aluminum foil gold with gold glitter then you put it on the screen so it makes the character look shiny but you might want to get a lamp if there is an insufficient light source in the area.

Is there a action code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

yes there is there is lots some don't work but i suggest supercheats.com (25 pages of AR codes for Pokemon pearl and dimond!) NOTE imond codes work for pearl!!! And i suggest neoseeker.com too. HAPPY CHEATING :)

How to get a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon whitte?

Well, if you get an action replay you can try codes, but if not it is a one-in-a-million chance. I recommend using the action replay, but some codes don't work and make your game freeze. You would have to try multiple codes. But if you want one that bad, then go for it!

Why is some matter shiny?

From what I can gather from your question you're asking: "What is the difference between shiny Pokemon and non-shiny Pokemon?" Well, all shiny Pokemon are are trophy Pokemon as far as luck (or cheating) goes. It has no difference to stats, abilities, or moves. There is a 1/8192 chance of finding a shiny Pokemon.

I am pretty sure that some of my Pokemon on my diamond were not shiny yet when I put them on My Pokemon Ranch after a while they got the shiny trail which means they are shiny is that possible?

Shiny pokemon are pokemon with different colours. Such as a chancey being orange and things like that. I don't think a shiny trail means its shiny though, as pokemon cant change colours, they're born shiny or they aren't.

What is shiny you can win it?

shiny is simple a effect that some Pokemon have it is nothing speacial

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