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thats my personal favorite, knock yourself out! try ctrl F to find certain things, im a big fan of this one below, and their is a huge list of hex codes you can replace the 4 X's with, i tried to print them out and it took 80 pages!!!

Recycle Bin Modifier 1.0 [North America]

121eccae 0000xxxx
121eccb0 0000xxxx
121eccb2 0000xxxx
121eccb4 0000xxxx
121eccb6 0000xxxx
121eccb8 0000xxxx
121eccba 0000xxxx
121eccbc 0000xxxx
121eccbe 0000xxxx
121eccc0 0000xxxx
121eccc2 0000xxxx
121eccc4 0000xxxx
121eccc6 0000xxxx
121eccc8 0000xxxx
121eccca 0000xxxx

Replace the Xs with an item's hex number. Example 001c -- gold rose. Each line represents a slot in the Recycling Bin (15 slots, 15 lines).

[1.0 version]

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Their are lots and lots of codes for Animal Crossing Wild World! You can either use a code for an item you wanted for example, The moon, you could tic that and press B on your ds console and you get it!

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Q: What are some Animal Crossing wild world v1.0 pattern codes for ar?
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