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For making a good website you need to make sure your website should be neat and clean and be well architecture. Design should be unique of your website. The header can be an image with supporting text or just good looking text. Your website should be open fast and easily all portable device.

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What are some good things to put on a website?


What are some dinner ideas and recipes for a busy family?

In order to find out about some dinner ideas, you will first need to find a recipes listings website by doing a website search. You will then find a recipes website that is to your liking and be able to find dinner ideas.

What are some good Ideas about Taco Bell to put in a commercial?

Some Good Ideas to put in a commercial about Taco Bell are:Baby workersGangnam StyleSoccerMoneyBy one taco and get one free

What are some good ideas for Holiday Gifts?

Good ideas for holiday gifts are anything that you can make. If you can make like a nice candle holder and then you put a great smelling candle in it are some of the best gifts.

What are some good things to put in a twilight website?

A psychiatrist's phone number

Can you put quotes on Facebook?

Yes, you can put quotes on facebook . You can share your ideas , views and knowledge with you facebook friends or even with public. You put any type of quotes on facebook. If you want some good quotes for facebook . You can visit this website . or

How do you write in your diary on teen dream home?

Just put good points why you want it and stuff and put some good ideas for cool houses ! What's it for ? X

What are some good football sign ideas?

How do you keep a Houston Texan out of your yard? Put up a goalpost

What are some good PowerPoint ideas?

Make a PowerPoint with the words of a song and put pics and stuff to go with the song

What are some good party ideas for a 15 year old?

well if youre parents are down for it- you can do hookah, or put on some music for dancing.

Good ideas for books?

put mythical creatures in it; put a crime or a murder investigation

What are some good webshow name ideas?

you could put it as a favorite food, your name, favorite color or do something cool and put Gummibear Ninjas or something like that.

How do you right a good song?

A good song is a personal opinion. You can write a good song if is written about something you know or have experienced. Start by jotting down some ideas. Put some sentences together and write a chorus.

What is a coral reef website?

A good website is I have to put the weebly there because I made it there.

What are some cheap Christmas gift ideas?

When looking for some cheap Christmas gift ideas EBay and Amazon is a good place to start. The cheapest gift is the gift of baking. Find out what the person likes, put it in a tin and wrap it in a bow.

What are some good ideas for a romantic gift basket?

There are many good ideas when one is making a romantic gift basket. The best things that one could put inside of a romantic gift basket would be things like sweets and flowers.

How can I submit my deck design ideas?

Well what you would want to do is go to the contest website or mailing address and put your ideas into a well thought email or letter. Usually in a website you would have to go to contact us or support.

What are some good ideas for items to put in a corporate gift basket?

There are many choices, depending on the person. Maybe some wine and other goodies that fit the person. Some great ideas may come from here:

What are some good picture ideas?

Wear something cute, do something pretty with your hair,put a little blush on,take a full body picture.That's it!

Why do you feel some website are good and some website are bad?

Anyone can put up a website. Sane people or crazy people, helpful people or mischevous people, smart people or foolish people, well informed people or ignorant people, all have the opportunity to put up web sites, hence, some sites are better than others.

What is a cool website you can sign up for?

Sign up for,,,,,, Those are some good website i I play some of them; I forgot the rest i was gonna put up.

What are some good thingsto put on your presentation for stardoll?

Go to the website for some generators. and maybe type in you username and ask them to vote you covergirl/boy xx

What is good ideas to put in a paper about Neptune?

pop-out stickers and facts it will be awesome that is my name

How do different religions put there ideas into practice like the good samaritan?

The good samaritan is a story from the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is from God for people who are already Christians or who will be Christians some day.

What are good poster ideas for a Taylor Swift concert?

it feels like a perfect night from the song 22 or put some lyrics from her song that relate to dancing

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