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Here are a few Latin names or wolves:

Accalia she-wolf

Adolfo noble wolf

Larentia the she-wolf who nursed Remus and Romulus

Lupus wolf

Its not much at all but its hard to find.

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What is the scientific name of a grey wolf in latin?

The scientific name for the grey wolf is Canis lupus. All scientific names are in Latin.

What is a Latin male wolf called?

A male wolf in Latin is called a lupus. A female wolf in Latin is called a lupa (also known as a she-wolf).

What is the Latin translation for the word wolf in Latin?

Lupus (male wolf); lupa (she-wolf).

What is the Latin name for wolf?

lupus is Latin for wolf.lupus

Latin word for wolf?

Lupus is the latin word for wolf.

Why do some elements not have symbol that begin with their names?

They come from their Latin names. (Gold is Au, which is Latin for Aurum.)

What are some wolf tribe names?

the quiluets :D

What are some unique beautiful names for a she wolf?


What are some good anime wolf names?


What is the Roman word for wolf?

The Romans language is latin and the latin word for wolf is Lupus

How do you pronounce wolf in Latin?

The Latin word for wolf is lupus, pronounced loo puss

Flatcoated retriever in latin?

Breed names don't have official Latin designations in taxonomy. All dogs are "Canis lupus familiaris" (i.e. a subspecies of wolf).

What is the Latin name for timber wolf?

Timber wolf, subspecies of the Gray wolf, has a Latin name of Canis Lupus Lycaon.

What is a Latin name for a wolf?

Lupus (male wolf); lupa (she-wolf).

How do you say 'wolf' in latin?


What are some other names for a wolf?

Another name for a wolf would be their scientific name, Canis lupus.

What are worlds best wolf names?

The best wolf names are wolfy , omega , alfa and houl they are the best wolf names in the world !

What is the Latin name for Lycan?

Lupus means wolf in latin, and Lycan comes from the greek word for wolf.

What is the Latin word for wolves?

Wolf in Latin is lupus

Why does Lopez mean wolf?

Origin LUPUS, wolf in latin.

What is a wolf in latin?


What are some names of animals that begin with wo?

· Wolf · Wood Duck

Why do some elements have symbols that are different form their names?

Because, some of the elements have names that came from Latin, such as how Iron has the symbol Fe, which comes from the Latin word Ferrum.The names were never changed, they were in fact translated.

How do you say werewolf in Latin?

I do latin its Versipilles and lupis for wolf

What is the Latin name of a gray wolf and German shepherd?

the latin name for a german shepeard is haliotus leucucephalis and the latin name for a gray wolf is canis lupus

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