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to eat soup at 6:32 every day, am and pm, to jump off a cliff at age 18, to fall off a bike when you are 106 and to eat pie every saturday

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What are some Iroquois traditions?

what are some iroquois traditions

What do Mongolian gerbils eat?

Mongolian gerbils are also known as Mongolian jird, and they eat a variety of things. Some of these things are lyme grass, bristle grass, roots, seeds, bulbs and grains.

What are some England traditions?

some traditions are decorating a tree

What are some traditions in Netherlands Antilles?

what are some traditions that they have in the netherlands

What are some of the traditions of Ethiopia?

some of the traditions of Ethiopia is coffe

What are some Mongolian activities that I can do for a school project?

you can make a yurt design a new flag make a mongolian horseman armor out of cardboard

Is Mongolian beef really Mongolian?

No, Mongolian beef is not really Mongolian. It may be called that to make it sound more exotic and appealing.

Where can one find Mongolian music?

One can find Mongolian music by finding a Mongolian music channel on Youtube. One can also consider finding a Mongolian friend and asking about Mongolian music.

What is a mongolian hut called?

mongolian yurt

What are some pueblo Indians customs and traditions?

some of there customs or traditions are paintings

What are some customs or traditions in Libya?

some traditions are danceing and haveing fires

What are some traditions in the western region?

what are the traditions in the west

What are some traditions the Cree's had?

traditions of the plains Cree

What are Brazils traditions?

Do you know what are some of brazils traditions ?

How long do Mongolian gerbils live?

Mongolian gerbils live for 3-5 years. In some cases they can live up to 8 years, but this is uncommon.

What is a sentence with traditions?

The traditions of storytelling include answering questions. The latest fads will never change some traditions. Don't you wish some traditions would fade?

Where you can apply Mongolia visa in Dubai?

Unortunately there is no Mongolian embassy in UAE and there is no longer a visa upon arrival service at the Mongolain borders or airports. Therefore the only way to get a Mongolian visa would be by post or by attending an Embassy in one of the following locations:AustriaMongolian Embassy in Vienna, AustriaBelgiumMongolian Embassy in Brussels, BelgiumBulgariaMongolian Embassy in Sophia, BulgariaCanadaMongolian Embassy in Ottawa, CanadaChinaMongolian Embassy in Beijing, ChinaCubaMongolian Embassy in Havana, CubaCzech RepublicMongolian Embassy in Prague, Czech RepublicEgyptMongolian Embassy in Cairo, EgyptFranceMongolian Embassy in Paris, FranceGermanyMongolian Embassy in Berlin, GermanyHungaryMongolian Embassy in Budapest, HungaryIndiaMongolian Embassy in New Delhi, IndiaJapanMongolian Embassy in Tokyo, JapanKazakhstanMongolian Embassy in Almaty, KazakhstanPolandMongolian Embassy in Warsaw, PolandRussiaMongolian Embassy in Moscow, RussiaSouth KoreaMongolian Embassy in Seoul, South KoreaThailandMongolian Embassy in Bangkok, ThailandTurkeyMongolian Embassy in Ankara, TurkeyUnited KingdomMongolian Embassy in London, United KingdomUnited StatesMongolian Embassy in Washington D.C., United StatesVietnamMongolian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam

What are some west virgina traditions?

the traditions are probabaly some of the African Americans culture

What are some customs or traditions in Egypt?

some traditions in egypt is that people make pyramids

What are some salvadorian traditions?

Some salvadorian traditions are to eat pupusas with your salvadorian buddies.........

What are some jobs in the Mongolian empire?

dancing like a modern hipster

Some mongolian recipes?

all you need is some lamb some cow and some flour to make the pangcow

What is mongolian chicken?

a chicken cooked in a Mongolian style of cooking

What is Mongolian money called?

Mongolian money is called "Tugrik".

When did Mongolian dollar end?

Mongolian dollar ended in 1925.