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The Sioux had hundreds of "customs".







Accepting foreigners into the tribe




For detailed accounts of customs, read Thomas Mails fine book: The Mystic Warriors of the Plains.

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Q: What are some Sioux Indian customs?
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What are the Sioux Indian customs and ceremonies for marriage?

they are yellow with pink dots and orange leaves

What are some customs and ceremonies of the Sioux Indians?

The sun dance is one of them.

What customs did the Sioux Indians have?

The Sioux were allies of the Ottawa

What are some of the Sioux Indians' burial customs?

What are some of the Indian customs of the southwest?

The Southwest Indian customs were that they always had to bring kachina dolls to cerimonies.

What are some Sioux Indian cities?

Dakota Iowa

What are some Indian customs and traditions?

the customs and tradition ere not found in this website.

What are some Shawnee Indian customs?

not answered

How do you pronounce grandmother in Sioux Indian language?

For the Sioux Indian language, grandmother is Coonshi and it is pronounced Coo-shi.

What customs do the Sioux have?

Sun dance is one

What are some goshute Indian customs?

Hunting was one of them

What are some Indian tribe names from the north east?

Sioux are from the north east.

Is a Mayan Indian the same a Sioux Indian?

the Mayan and the Sioux are very different. the Maya lived in the yucatan and guatamala, and the Sioux lived in minnesota and the great plains

Some Indian tribe names that start with s?

Seminole, Shawnee and Sioux are Native American Indian tribes. They begin with the letter s.

What are some Kwakiutl Indian customs?

Totem Pole Raising

What are some of the Cree Indian's burial customs?

Putting them in the ground.

What are some Seminole Indian traditions?

what are the seminoles customs and tradition

What Indian tribes were nomadic?

The Apache, the Navajo, and the Sioux are some of the many nomadic tribes.

What are some of the customs of the Tunica-Biloxi Indian Tribe?

building mounds

What is the name of the American Indian Sioux tribe?

The Dakota Sioux have several Indian reservations: Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Brule, etc.

What is the Sioux Indian word for Grandson?


Sioux indian games?

There were a variety of Sioux native American games. Some of these include croquet, cactus buffalo, pop gun, tops, as well as well as slingshot.

How did the Sioux Indian tribe choose their leaders?

How did the Sioux Indiana's choose there leaders

What were the Sioux marriage customs?

The Sioux Indian men can marry one or more woman. During their marrying season, a man will propose marriage to five or six women and two or three of them might say yes. The bargain will be sealed once the groom gave a horse to the bride's family.

How was the Sioux Indian tribes organized?

with some people in some tee-pee and more people in another tee-pee