What are some action replay codes for new super Mario bros?


221b6acd 00000064
221b6ad1 00000064
221b6ad5 00000064

Makes Mario really big.

221b6acd 00000001
221b6ad1 00000099
221b6ad5 00000064
Makes Mario really short but tall.Master Mode Code:

2208B364 00000001
2208B37C 00000000
221B6ACD 00000001
221B6AD1 00000001
221B6AD5 00000001

You Only Get 1 Life Between Saves. Which Means That If You Die, You Revert To Your Last Save Point. So You Get No Extra Lives. Just One.
You Also Cannot Gain A Life In Any Way At All. 1-Up Mushrooms Cannot Give You A Life, And When You Pick Up Coins, The Only Thing You Will Gain Is Points. Your Coin Count Will NOT Go Up, Thus You Will Never Gain A Life From Coins.
Lastly, You Are Extremely Small, Which Means That Your Character Is Hard To Control, So It Takes Some Time Getting Used To.

Other Than This, Good Luck On Master Mode!Ice Skating
221b6bab 00000088
221b6aba 00000044
221b6bba 00000022
221b61bb 00000011
221b6aef 00000033
221b6fea 00000066
221b6eaf 00000033
221b6efa 00000022
221b6cca 00000015
This allows Mario or luigi to look like they are skating on ice. When you ground pound or power-up, you will need to wait for 5 or more seconds to get a reaction.

221b4co2 00000001
221b6ae8 00000001
221b0dd0 00000001
221b6ad7 00000001
221b6ad3 00000001
221b6ad0 00000001
221b6ad9 00000001
221b6ad7 00000033
221b6abb 00000033
This is allows you to become invisible. DON'T ENTER PIPES OR DOORS BECAUSE IT WILL FREEZE THE GAME!

Face the Screen
221b6acd 00000055
221b6ad1 00000020
221b6ad5 00000000
This will make Mario and Luigi face the Screen and look at you.

Autojump and bouncing
221b6ae1 00000020
221b6dad 00000099
221b6af5 00000020
221b6ada 00000050
221b6fae 00000009
Here is a list of cool things included in this code.
- When you run off an edge, you will automatically jump without pressing any buttons.
- You jump higher than normal
- Lower gravity
- When you ground pound you will not stop bouncing on the ground until you let go of the buttons.
- You fall down slower than normal
- You will not fall down as fast when wall climbing down the walls.
NOTICE: If you enter a pipe that shoots you in a certain direction, you will rise into the air and be unable to move. If this happens, quit or go back to the map.