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i would be a small force from the right and the advantages would be the diffricul of the whole time while every thing is useful.

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Q: What are some advantages and disadvantages of small claims court?
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Can you sue in small claims court in another state?

No. The small claims court works locally.

What is the max that can be sued for in small claims court?

Varies state to state. Contact your local small claims court for your state's small claims max.

Can you sue for pain and suffering in California small claims court?

As long as it meets the requirements for the court. Most claims of this sort are too large to be in a small claims court.

Can you go to small claims court for 200 dollars?

Yes. There is no minimum amount you can sue for in small claims court.

Is there hearsay in small claims court?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using tablets?

advantages are they are small and portable

What court hears misdemeanor cases involving small claims?

Misdemeanor cases involving small claims are heard in district court. District Court hears small claims where the amount in controversy does not exceed $5,000.

What does small claims court mean?

Small claims court is where someone would go if they are trying to claim money from someone that is less than £750.It is the simplest and cheapest claims court.

Can a town be sued in small claims court?

Maybe. Each state has different laws regarding whether or not towns can be sued in small claims court. For example, Washington State does not allow the practice, while in California, people can sue towns, cities, and even the state in small claims court. Most small claims courts give free brochures explaining the small claims process, including who can and cannot be sued in small claims. Contact your local small claims court for details.

Can you sue a doctor in small claims court?

i also want to take my doctor to small claims court. is there anything in law to prevent this

Where is Small Court in New Jersey?

There is no court named "Small Court" so I assume you are asking about Small Claims Court. In NJ, there is no separate "Small Claims Court" - all small claims cases are heard in the Special Civil Part of the Civil Division of Superior Court in each county. To find your local information, use the related link below. Select your county and look for that county's Superior Court - Civil Division. That will be the contact information for small claims cases. The link to the court website is the court name in blue; the court website will have details about small claims cases in that county.

What is the small claims limit in Colorado?

The maximum that can be recovered in small claims court in Colorado is $7,500. For more information on small claims cases and Colorado court resources, see the related link.

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