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The advantages of smoking turkey meat are the delicious smoked flavour to the meat but in particular that it is preserved for longer than turkey that has not been smoked.

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Q: What are some advantages of smoking turkey?
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What are some methods for cessation quit smoking?

Some methods for smoking cessation, or colloquially quitting smoking, include cold turkey, gradual reduction, nicotine replacement therapy: NRT, hypnosis and acupuncture.

What are advantages and disadvantage of turkey?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of eating turkey. One advantage is that it is full of nutrients for your body.

What are 2 advantages of smoking food?

The advantages of smoking food is that it preserves the food by killing bacteria either by the application of heat:- Hot smoking. Or in cold smoking by killing bacteria by the infusion of phenols and other wood resins found in the smoke.

How do you quit smoking faster?

Immediate cessation (i.e. "cold turkey") is the fastest way to quit smoking.

You are five months pregnant and want to quit smoking cold turkey will it harm your baby?

Quitting smoking is very good for you and your baby. Cold turkey won't harm your baby.

What are the advantages of smoking food?

Smoking food helps to preserve it, adds flavor, and reduces the weight.

What does cold turkey mean?

Cold turkey (adjective or adverb cold-turkey) means suddenly, completely, without alteration or replacement. It most often refers to stopping addictive substances or behaviors, including cigarette smoking (as opposed to seeking psychological support, nicotine patches, or other aids). Examples: He stopped smoking cold-turkey, and became too jittery at work. As opposed to going cold-turkey, some heroin addicts avoid withdrawal symptoms by taking other drugs. Bill stopped gambling cold-turkey, but his brother still bets occasionally at the horse races. --- Cold turkey, or an abrupt cessation of nicotine, is one way to stop smoking. Cold turkey can provide cost savings because paraphernalia and smoking cessation aids are not required.

Someone who suddenly stops smoking is said to quit how?

cold turkey

Where can one get tips on how to quit smoking cold turkey?

One could consult one's doctor, or buy nicotine patches. A doctor could prescribe medication against cravings, but these medications have side-effects.

Is cold turkey the best way to stop smoking?

There are a few side effects that may occur to an individual who quits smoking cold turkey. Such side effects might be headaches, bad moods, mood swings, and more.

Where might one learn how to overcome a smoking addiction?

Wanting to quit smoking is a wonderful thing. Your doctor can prescribe some medication that can help. However, as with all medications there will be side effects. The best bet is to quit cold turkey.

How do I stop the oven from smoking up the house when I cook a turkey?

Clean your oven first.