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What are some agricultural products of South Carolina?


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Cotton and tobacco are the most popular that is 4 sure!


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The state of South Carolina produces a number of agricultural and industrial products, which help to support the economy of the state. Some of the products include soybeans, rice, paper products, and chemical products.

South Carolina has a thriving agricultural community. Some things grown in South Carolina are corn, soybean, cotton, peanuts, and tobacco.

South Carolina grows livestock and livestock products. Broilers make up almost a third (27%) of total agricultural receipts. They also grow turkeys, beef cattle, hogs, tobacco, greenhouse / nursery products, peaches, pecans, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, squash, beans, sweet potatoes. and eggs.

pulp, chemicals machinery, and apparel

There are a wide variety of products from South Carolina. Some of these include turkey, beef cattle, chickens, peaches, tobacco, as well as cotton.

There are a variety of major industries in South Carolina. These include tobacco, soybeans, textiles, paper products, as well as electronics.

There are quite a number of agricultural products in California. Some of them include cattle, grapes, almonds, dairy products and much more.

Some agricultural products of America is rice, wheat, oil, fish, & cows While some industrial products are cars, trucks, bikes, laptops, Motorcycles.

what are some of the leadind textile products that are made in north carolina

Some agricultural products of Chile are grapes, apples, onions, oats, peaches, garlic, asparagus, beans, wool and timber. Some major agricultural products of Chile are pears, wheat, corn, beef, poultry and fish.

Guyana's manufactured goods mostly come from its agricultural products because Guyana is known for most of its agricultural products. Some products are cocoa, citrus fruits, fish, shrimp, prawns, and rice.

wood and rocks and bananananannaannaans

some agriculture products are corn, cabage and much more true fact

Clemson and University of South Carolina

Some popular foods in South Carolina are:PeachesBoiled Peanuts

Approximately two thirds of Australia's agricultural products are exported. Some products which Australia exports include beef, wheat, milk, fruit and nuts, and vegetables.

Some of the top ten agricultural products in the Philippines are corn, coconut, rice, and sugarcane. Other products in the top ten are pineapple, cassava, and banana.

Actually, there are many things you can find that are manufactured in South Carolina. A few include car and vehicle (parts) production (and sometimes the full car), such as with the company known as BMW. You can also find products made from textiles (although not used as often) to produce many of the clothing articles manufactured in South Carolina. This information is accurate as I am a South Carolinian, and am currently researching SC Manufacturing.

Some products found in North Carolina include: tobacco, Fanta, and NC State paraphernalia. North Carolina is a southern state with Raleigh as the capital.

agricultural products, food products, oil products, machinery and transport equipment, chemicals,

Thomas Delancy is the most famous person in South Carolina

Yes. South Carolina gets tornadoes. Some of them have been quite destructive.

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