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what were the countries that were attacked by Germany

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Several times during the Gulf War why did the Iraqis offer to withdraw from Kuwait

In July 1997 Britain ended its control of the dependent territory of

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Q: What are some areas or countries that have been attcked by Germany?
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Are there any countries that have been invaded by Poland?

Germany. PS: Toby is that you????

In which countries have the simpsons been banned?

Its banned in Russia Japan China And Germany

What countries helped after the Holocaust?

The main ones would have been Britain and Germany.

Why did Jews live in Germany during 1941?

Many German Jews had been unable to leave Germany, mainly because other countries had been unwilling to accept them.

Is Germany a first emerging third world country?

absolutely NOT, Germany has always been one of the most industrialized countries in the world.

Which two countries have been runers up consecutive world cup touemaments?

It is Germany and Italy.

What did Germany get from the Munich conference?

The Sudetenland - that is, the ethnic German areas of Czechoslovakia adjoining Germany (and what had previously been Austria) were in effect handed over to Germany by Britain and France. As a result Germany didn't have to fight in order to get this area.

What countries have Charles daly shotguns been produced in?

Charles Daly shotguns have been produced in Germany, Japan, Belgium, and Italy.

What countries did Germany ally itself with?

It depends entirely on the time and war in question. Germany has been in several different wars.

Why are sausages bread and Pork eaten in Germany?

Sausages are a tradition in Germany and many other countries. Sausages have been a staple for centuries, as well as bread and pork.

Has Poland ever been a part of Germany?

Poland as whole has never been 'a part of Germany'. However, the borders of Poland have moved considerably over the centuries. In 1945 large areas of eastern Germany were transferred to Poland - Silesia, most of Pommerania, most of East Prussia and a large part of Brandenburg. The Germans living in these areas were forcibly moved westwards.

What countries had an anarchy?

At some point in their past, many countries have had small areas where anarchy was the ruling system, but none have ever been completely run that way.

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