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What are some scavengers in the tundra biome?


What are some Arctic tundra scavengers?

Scavengers of the Arctic tundra include wolves, the Arctic fox and polar bears.

Do all tundra animals hibernate?

not all animals in the tundra hibernate some birds migrate in the tundra

What type of birds live in the tundra?

where do birds live in the tundra

Do any birds live in the tundra?

Yes, the snowy owl and some eagles live in the Tundra.

Why do some birds migrate to the tundra in summers?

Becuase of some insects

What birds live in the Tundra?

Snowy owl,Rock Ptarmigan and some Eagles all live in the Tundra

What animals only live in the tundra?

some moose and birds

What are some decomposers and scavengers of the grassland?

some decomposers and scavengers are the t-Rex , larvae,dung beetle, fly,cockroach,eagle,hawks,and other kinds of birds.

What birds are scavengers?

I think it is an eagle.

Do birds eat other birds?

Birds Eat BirdsSome birds like hawks, vultures, falcons, eagles, owls, and crows eat other birds. Some of these actually catch their prey, others are scavengers that eat dead birds.

What are the birds that eat dead animals called?

Scavengers or carrion birds

What scavengers live in the tundra?

The Arctic Fox is a scavenger. Most polar bears will also "scavenge." Finally, some of the northern-breed wolves can inhabit "tundra" areas and they will also scavenge.

What birds eat animals in the arctic tundra?

there arent any birds in the arctic tundra.

What do migratory birds in the tundra feed on?

In the summer there are thousands of insects that most migrating birds in the tundra feed on.

Do birds help the world?

some birds do take vultures for example they are scavengers they eat remains of other animals and scavange on anything that is dead

What are the interdependent things of the tundra?

The tundra birds and berries: The birds eat the berries then when they let out wast the berries reproduce.

What eats a Peregrine Falcon?

peregrine falcons have no natural predaters,but some scavengers eat the dead birds

What is an example of a decomposer in the tundra?

An example of a decomposer in the Alpine Tundra is bacteria or, fungi.Some organisms of scavengers are earthworms and wasps.Source:

What are some cool scavengers in the grassland ecosystem?

worms some times ,rolly pollys , and birds thst use grass as nests

Is a scavenger a decomposer?

No. Scavengers eat the dead along with decomposers, but decomposers eat the scavengers. A decomposer is a fungus, bacteria, or an insect while scavengers are usually mammals or birds.

What are some examples of scavengers in the wetlands?

scavengers are shrimps scavengers are shrimps

What eats the Asian fairy bluebird?

Scavengers will eat these birds.

What eats a fairy bluebird?

Scavengers would eat these birds.

Does anyone kno a scavenger in the tundra?

The Lepord Seal it is one of the scavengers and so are Polar bears.