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What are some career options for psychology majors?


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Psychology majors can pursue a great variety of careers. These include being a therapist, counselor, and human resources coordinator. They can also pursue doing research as a career for the field of psychology.

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There are several websites online that provide information and statistics about psychology majors. Some of these sites include Psychology Today and the American Psychology Association.

There are a wide variety of opportunities available to individuals with majors in political science. A few of the many options include investment officer, criminologist, attorney, and state department officer.

If you are not a people person by your own admission, then a career in psychology is not a good idea, no. But look at all the actual jobs that people do in whatever field you are interested in. There's a variety of jobs for psychology majors, but some will pay less than it will cost you in student loans for your education. Make sure whatever you do has value. And, consider a minor in another field, such as business, to widen your scope.

Many potential psychology majors choose to go into sports psychology. Which is also a very good paying field, some students even get to meet famous athletes.

There are several career possibilities for careers with a BA in psychology. Among them are case management, career counselor, rehabilitation specialist, and psychiatric technician.

A degree in exercise science is an acceptable major for those considering a career in physical therapy. Some common undergraduate majors for physical therapists include biology, psychology, and exercise science.

The majors that require the most writing, are majors that are considered social sciences. Social science studies society, individuals in society, and relationships. An example of some majors that fall in this category are: Psychology, Political Science, Anthropology, and Marketing.

You could work for some social service agencies or work any job that asks for a college degree or BA degree. Just look on or

Brenau University offers a four year bachelor degree program with multiple major options such as psychology, business, and many others. They also off a master degree program with many differ majors or concentrations.

for information u can go through the web site for u r career options: for information u can go through the web site for u r career options: for information u can go through the web site for u r career options:

You can do so much with a psychology degree these days. You can have a career in anything from Health Psychology to Forensic Psychology. The key now days is to have at least a bachelors if not a masters in this field, normally you have to before they will even take you seriously.

All is not lost if a police cadet is rejected. Some possible career options include security guard, body guard, and private investigator.

To decide which college major is best for a career is difficult because there are many career choices available. For example, computer science, nursing and business are all very popular.

Some top career options for computer science are- Data Modeler,Applications Developer,Network Manager,Web Developer,Senior IT Auditor, Database Administrator and more.

Some careers in psychology are psychologists, researcher, psychology teacher in high schools or colleges. Be a psychologist at schools, most schools have a school psychologists to help students. Researcher, would be a person who researches a certain area of psychology because there are many things still unknown about psychology. Many schools have psychology as a class, so a person could be a psychology teacher.

A number of post-secondary options are available to someone with a preference for math. Engineering, finance, economics, and computer science are some options.

Some common careers after obtaining a bachelor's degree in psychology are in the social services field. This include such things as as career counselor, a rehabilitation specialist, and even in case management.

Psychology can be defined as the study of human behavior. There are many specialty areas in the field of psychology. Most people think of a psychologist when they think of a career in psychology. They imagine someone lying on a couch discussing problems. This is certainly true, but there are many other uses for a psychology career. A psychology career can focus extensively on research. Many psychologists spend their career researching human behavior and trying to come up with new techniques that will help people. There are so many things that can affect a person's mental state. For example, genetic factors and environmental factors all play a part in human behavior. Those that have suffered severe trauma will have issues in some cases. A psychology career is meant to understand human behavior and come up with solutions to problems that people have. Some people respond favorably to the techniques used by psychologists. Others may require medication to stabilize their behavior. In the past couple of decades, a psychology career has become more popular. The increase in workplace violence and public violence have led law enforcement to find the motivations behind the violence. A psychology career can be spent exclusively in law enforcement. The psychologist in this field specifically studies criminal behavior. They try to discover the motivations or causes that make people commit crime. Some of this crime is minor and some is quite heinous. They study the makeup of the brain and thought processes. They try to understand why trauma affects some differently than others. In addition, they can often help law enforcement solve some cases by coming up with a profile of the criminal. These professionals are able to spot patterns in criminal behavior. They are able to spot clues into the mindset of these criminals. Other psychology careers involve clinical work. Many psychologists spend their careers in a clinical setting. They provide counseling in individual and group settings. The salary for a psychology career can be lucrative. You will need a doctorate degree to acquire a high paying position. Some psychology careers involve teaching in a college setting. Some psychology professionals prefer an academic setting, and they spend their career as professors.

There are many varieties of possible degree majors at NUI Galway University. You can major in languages (French, German and Spanish), Art, Engineering, Film Studies, Psychology, Sciences and a vast array of other possibilities.

There are different careers which involve anthropology and psychology. Some of common ones include animal psychologist, clinical research officer in biology and so much more.

"There are multiple career paths available. Some examples include: working in the criminal courts, being a consultant, working in the government, or educating others on criminal psychology."

There are many career options after database administrator training. Some examples are Information Technology Specialist, Data Analyst, Data Technician, Database Administrator, SQL Programmer and Enterprise Architect.

There are many career paths for individuals with English degrees. Some of these include technical writers, public relations specialists, editors, and teachers.

A large variety of psychology programs are available at schools. Some of the most common psychology programs available are Linguistic Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Educational Psychology.

A Bachelor's Degree in finance is the most commonly desired education credentials for most employers in the field. Some career options for this type of degree are loan officer, credit analyst, investment banker, or financial officer.

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