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Q: What are some catch phrases for the planet Neptune?
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What are some catch phrases for the planet Saturn?

Venus may be the planet of Love but *I've* got the ring

What are some catch phrases for recycling?

You're not just saving the planet, you're saving YOU!

What are some catch phrases for mars?

come to mars see why the red planet means exitement

What are some advantages of Neptune?

The question is meaningless, Neptune is a planet!

What are some candy catch phrases?

Am I to Sweet for you?

What are some nick names for Neptune?

Neptune is often referred to as the Blue Planet.

What are some physical features of planet Neptune?

it is a ring planet and it is cold

What are some catchy slogans for planet Neptune?

Nice Neptune, Neat Neptune. Sorry, that's all I have!

Who discovered planet X?

Planet X was a hypothetical planet which was searched for after the discovery of planet Neptune. Deviations in the orbit of Neptune led some astronomers to believe that there was another planet further out, but these original observations of Neptune turned out to have errors in them and a further sizable planet was never found.

Is there Humidity on Neptune?

yes there is infact humidity on neptune, im not sure how much but i know for a fact that there is some on planet neptune.

What are some nutrition and fitness catch phrases?

Healthy bean (:

What are some good cake catch phrases?

Happiness is Homemade

Is Neptune a solid a gas or a liquid?

No. Neptune is a planet. It's some combination of all three.

What are some Greek facts about Neptune?

Neptune the planet was unknown to the ancient Greeks. It was discoveered in 1846.

What is some info about Neptune?

The planet Neptune was discovered on Sept. 23, 1846. It was the first planet to be discovered before being seen by an actual telescope.

How is the land on the planet Neptune?

The land on the planet Neptune is water. No. It isn't. There is no land on Neptune, all of hydrogen, helium, methane, and some hydrocarbons. No rock, no land. No surface, but gases. It is a gas giant.

What are 2 important things about Neptune?

some people say neptune has 8 moons but other say neptune has 11...... neptune is the eihgt planet from the sun.

What are some main characteristics of planet Neptune?

cold and has a spot

What are some Vegas catch phrases?

Lucky in love in Las Vegas

What are some great catch phrases for Brazil?

The Best of Brazil is the Brazilians !

What are some adjectives to describe the planet Neptune?

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun. Adjectives used to describe the planet include large, gaseous, blue, giant, round, distant, spherical and cold.

Name the planet fathest from the sun?

Neptune is the farthest planet but there are some dwarf planets that are more distant.

The eight closest planet to the sun?

The eighth closest planet to the sun is Pluto but some ppl think it is not a planet so Neptune.

What planet is usally eighth from sun?

the 8th planet from the sun is neptune but not always, Pluto has an inclined orbit so for part of the year Pluto is the 8th planet from the sun and neptune is the 9th, but some people don't think Pluto is a planet.

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