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Q: What are some changes that Louise McKinney helped to make?
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How much does Brandon McKinney of the Baltimore Ravens make?

730,000 a year

Did Geroge HW Bush make any changes to your country?

yes he mad a lot of changes to our country he helped us when the us needed it

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The decorator made a few simple changes that brightened our entire living room. A few simple changes in my diet helped me lose those last ten pounds.

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she helped 300 slaves to safety and made the under ground railroad. -Cassie newman:D

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she made it catholic. she changed all the decorations and the language the bible was read in. i hope i helped xx

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What two changes helped develop a strong social foundation for political democracy?

The expansion of voting rights to include all adult citizens and the promotion of a free press were two key changes that helped develop a strong social foundation for political democracy. By allowing more people to participate in the democratic process and ensuring access to diverse sources of information and perspectives, these changes empowered citizens to make informed decisions and hold their leaders accountable.

Did John F. Kennedy make any changes to the constitution?

No, I don't think so. He was the one to send a man up to the moon though. Hope I helped!

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it helped exploration because there were lots of changes for expample population rising to lots of exploration needed to be done

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he made the Domesday book which helped him make sure all his subjects were paying the right amount of money for their taxes they had to pay. The consequences of lying were horrific, like an example was death