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harmony and restraint

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What is the characteristics of the Renaissance period?

The renaissance was a time when art and culture thrived in Europe

Characteristics of the ideal Renaissance woman included?

Some characteristics of the ideal Renaissance woman would be commitment to their husbands, having a lot of children, and educating themselves. They would do art and write poems but it was displayed as much the mens art.

Characteristics of Renaissance art?

art, painting, scultpture, costume, archetecture, and jewelery.

What are the primary characteristics of Northern Renaissance art?

To make art look more realistic.

What is a distinguishing characteristic of early Renaissance art?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of early Renaissance art is that they used naturalism. The subjects of the art are put in natural and realistic poses.

What were the chief characteristics of renaissance art?

The chief characteristics to Renaissance art compared to the Middle Ages art was that Middle Age Art was very vague and never used perspective, as well as there were not a whole lot of emotions and expressions used in the Middle Age art. on the other hand, Renaissance art used a lot of perspective and had the people in the art more natural and they used more emotions in the pictures.

What are the characteristics of Raphael's art?

Balance, harmony, beauty, that was what the High Renaissance sought.

Which of the following characteristics is different from Italian Renaissance art and most identifies the work produced in the Northern Renaissance?

realism and expression

What are some characteristics of the renaissance woman?

big boobs

What are characteristics of art from Renaissance?

There are various characteristics of renaissance art that make it easy to identify. Much of renaissance art included religious themes. There was also a lot of mythological paintings as well as paintings depicting history. Perspective was introduced during this time, meaning that instead of a painting looking flat, things could seem as though they were in the background or foreground. Things were also more proportioned than previous works of art.

How does northern Renaissance art differ from Italian Renaissance art?

Italian Renaissance Art was about the beautiful human body.

When did renaissance art begin?

Renaissance art began during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance art period began in 1150 and lasted until about 1600.

How was Renaissance art similar to classical art?

it had perspective just like renaissance art.

How was Renaissance art different from European art?

Renaissance art was European art. So they cannot be different.

What are the characteristics of a renaissance man?

Sophisticated,Well-rounded,Learned art and literature,and achieve greatness in many areas.

How was art expressed in the Italian renaissance?

art was more realistic in the renaissance.

Who are some of artist of the renaissance art?

Leonardo Da Vinci

Why do works of art from the High Renaissance continue to be among the most famous art in the western world?

Firstly, some very good art was produced. Secondly, Renaissance art is harmonious and clear, easy to like.

What are some characteristics of women in the Renaissance?

obedient, maternal, nurturing women

How did wealthy patrons support renaissance art?

By buying renaissance art from artists

Where was the earliest renaissance art done?

The earliest Renaissance art was done in Italy.

What has the author Marie Ruvoldt written?

Marie Ruvoldt has written: 'The Italian Renaissance imagery of inspiration' -- subject(s): Art, Italian, Art, Renaissance, Inspiration in art, Italian Art, Renaissance Art, Symbolism in art

What are the characteristics of Early Northern Renaissance art?

Most characteristics were affected by the geography. Since they were in Northern area of Europe, the emphasis on color was different than Italian Renaissance, as opposed to mild climate and vivid view in Italy. Many Northern Renaissance works really weren't affected by Italian's view.

What was new about the art in the Renaissance?

The art in the Renaissance had shadowing, perspective, and was way more realistic than previous art.

What was not a major focus of Renaissance art as opposed to medieval art?

Religious images were not a major focus of Renaissance art as opposed to Medieval art.