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It depends on the breeding of the miniature pony. Some look more like Shetland ponies, and some look like down-sized Arabians.

Miniature ponies can be great lawn-mowers, family pets, show champions, led ponies and ridden ponies for small children.

Miniature ponies are generally good-natured, but some tend not to be broken in properlly. and can be timid.

Look up Minature Ponies on the internet for more information,

Winnie the Horse Gentler

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The name of the miniature breed of horse?

The miniature breed of horse is called a "Miniature Horse" but some other very small breeds of horse/pony include "Shetland Pony" and "Fallabella"

What do you call small horses?

miniature or pony Another Answer definitrly a miniature horse or a pony

How much does a miniature pony cost?

It depends on what sort of pony it is... e.g a cart pony, a jumping pony, a young pony, an old pony etc. At the moment we are possibly buying a miniature pony for $550. That is a good price for a young miniature (well, I think so)! So in the end it really depends on what you are looking for.

How big are miniature ponies?

The Height of a miniature pony ussually ranges from about 50cm to 90cm. I have a miniature pony that 76cm high so i just depends.

Is the Falabella a pony or a horse?

Wrong again. It is a horse. Go to the website for the Falabella. It says it is a miniature HORSE, not a miniature pony.

What is the max height for a miniature shetland pony?

The maximum height of a Miniature Shetland Pony is 11 hands in the UK, and 11.2 hands in the US

What is the difference between a Miniature Pony and a Shetland pony?

The difference is breed registry, A shetland pony is one breed, a miniature horse is another. http://www.americanshetlandpony.com/ http://www.mamhc1.com/

What do you calll a very small pony?

A pony, no matter how small is still a pony. There are a few breeds of pony that are particularly small, these include the Shetland pony, Fallabella miniature horse, and the American miniature horse. Remember, pony is a height designation for any equine under 14.2 hands high.

Does a paint horse eat faster than a miniature pony?

How fast a horse, pony, or miniature eats depends completely on the individual. A paint horse will, of course, eat MORE than a miniature because it is bigger.

Can you breed a miniature pony with a miniature male mule?

No, mules are unable to breed, no matter what gender.

What is the name of small horse?

pony or miniature horse

How do you know if your miniature pony is in foal?

You can tell if your pony is getting large or if she starts to be more protective of her area.

Ia the falabella a horse or pony?

The Falabella is a miniature horse.

What is a miniatuurpaard?

A miniatuurpaard is a miniature horse .. like a pony or those drarf horses. Miniatuur = miniature Paard = horse. :)

Is a fallabella a pony?

No it is not a pony it is a breed of miniature horse. It is bred from Shetland ponys, Welsh Ponys and small Thoroughbreds.

What is the smallest horse's name?

The smallest breed of horse is a Miniature pony and the name of the smallest pony is called Einstein

Is the Caspian horse a small horse?

Yes, well it is a pony not a miniature pony just a pony Theres a difference your welcome , sincerly Mikaylee boutin

Use the word miniature in a sentence?

I was riding my bike along the road one day and a saw a miniature Shetland pony.

What year was the first miniature horse born?

It is a pony and it was in the 1800's

Are horses ever born dwarfs?

Well a dwarf horse is like a shetland pony or a regular pony not very big but u can still ride the pony not shetland pony Shetland ponies and ponies in general are not Dwarfs! Dwarfs display certain characteristics that are not present in ponies. A miniature horse (A type of pony really) can give birth to dwarfs due to the high level of inbreeding and genetics.

How do you know if a horse or pony is a horse of pony?

a_pony_is_14.2_hands_and_under_and_a_horse_is_any_thing_over_that">a pony is 14.2 hands and under and a horse is any thing over thatUNLESS, it is a miniature horse. Miniature horses look exactly like full size horses, just smaller. Miniature size A horse is 34 inches or under measured at the last hair of the mane. Miniature Size B is 34 to 38 inches at the last hair of the mane.

What do miniature ponies look like?

There just small horses. Think of a person and then a midget. The person is the horse, and the midget is the miniature pony.

How big are miniature horses?

It depends on the breed of the ponies is it a halflinger or a smaller pony some can be 14 hands high or just three

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