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short with flowers

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Q: What are some characteristics of a short plant with flowers?
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Do some alien races have plant-based characteristics?

No evidence has proven that alien races exist, but if they do they may have plant-based characteristics (i.e. trees, flowers, cacti, etc.).

Are flowers a plant?

No, flowers are a parts of a plant. Some plants don't have flowers, but all flowers come from plants.

Why can't you always identify plants from their flowers?

because there is only a short period of time when the plant is in flower and some plants produce different colored flowers

A seed plant that produces flowers and some kind of fruit is called a?

A seed plant that produces flowers and some kind of fruit is an angiosperm.

What are some characteristics and adaptations of flowers pollinated by beetles?

plants with sticky stamen, flowers have nectories

What are some characteristics of the plant kingdom?

well if its a plant then its in the plant kingdom, if it isn't then its not. chloroplasts.

Is an oak tree a plant?

no some oak trees have flowers on them

What are some characteristics of plant.?

Venus fly trap

What are some characteristics of tulips?

there color and smell is diffrent from certain other flowers.

What are some flowers that begin with U?

Umbrella plant, urginea and ursinia are flowers. They begin with the letter U.

What are the characteristics of lilacs?

Some characteristics of lilacs include long, cone-shaped panicles that are covered in tubular tiny flowers and and flagship purple flowers. You can learn more about this flower at the Wikipedia.

Why are some flowers tall and some short?

It is because of it's genetic. Every type animals and plants has it's own unique combination of genetic. So some flowers are tall and some short due to this reason.

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