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Yes their are if you go on www.zwinkycuties.com you get safe chat choices so ya um go to it

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Are there any safe chat rooms for preteens?

there are no safe chatrooms as far as we know but there are still some chat rooms for them. We prefer club penguin.

Are online chat rooms safe?

Most on-line chat rooms are safe, but to a certain extent. People should enter on-line chat rooms that are monitored in order to not get caught in a pedophiles private chat, or just some pervert.

On club penguin I used to be able to chat but now I'm not what happened how can I chat again?

In some rooms you have to use safe chat. In some rooms you don't. Look for a signal to the left of room. If it has signal, safe chat!

What are some chat rooms for nine years old?

Real friends. They work even better then chat rooms. If you are looking specifically chat rooms, I can't really suggest anything "safe', because finding a chat room strictly for children isn't that easy on the internet.

Why are internet chat rooms not safe?

Internet chat rooms are not safe because there is a high risk that someone just might try to lure some little child into doing some really bad things that will reflect on the child for the rest of his or her life.

Which websites offer free music chat rooms?

Some websites that offer free music chat rooms are Chat Avenue, Chat Jungle, and WeirdTown Chat. You can also find free music chat rooms at Userplane and AIM Chat Rooms.

Are chat rooms safe for preteen and teens?

probably not but some may cause virus to ur computer

What are some examples of safe chat rooms for kids under 13?

Club Penguin is an excellent place for children under 13 to chat. It is a virtual world with penguins and there is a swear filter. It is a fun place for children to chat. The majority of chat rooms are not safe for children under 13 since a forty year old can pose as a child.

What is some chat rooms for 11 -10 years old?

Club Penguin is a good, safe one .

What are the best safe chat rooms right now for children or teens?

Some of the best chat rooms that are safe are: webkinz virtualfamilykingdom barbiegirls dizzywood. clubpenguin nonoba stardoll supersecret I recommend doing some research and checking the different options out. Chat rooms all have different styles and communities, so it is a matter of finding out which one you like the best. Remember to not share personal information and have fun!

What are some online chat rooms in the UK?

Some online chat rooms in the United Kingdom are Just Chat, Kiss Chat, UK Chatters, Lycos Chat, Chat Bazaar, Rendez Vous Chat, Mingles 2, and Chat Random.

What dating service provides online singles chat rooms?

The most frequently visited online dating services to supply chat rooms are Spark, Zoosk, and Match. Some integrate their chat through social networks. Some have chat rooms while others provide video chat.

Is there any good and safe chat rooms for kids under 13?

yes there are! here are some: buildabearville.com, clubpenguin.com, girlsense.com, xeko.com.

Where can one find free internet chat rooms for adults?

Adults can find chat rooms in many different places. Some adult chat rooms are located on AOL and Chat Avenue. One adult chat room is Omegle, they offer one on one annonymous chat.

Where can one locate free lesbian chat rooms?

There are many places where one could find free lesbian or LGBT chat rooms. Some places that have free lesbian chat rooms would be Skype, AOL, Yahoo, and Chat Hour.

What are some chat rooms in the UK?

There are many different chat rooms in the UK that one can use. These chat rooms can be used for various purposes. Some people use these rooms to meet someone else for possibly a future spouse. Others are looking for new friends as well as business opportunities.

Where are some good chat rooms that you can talk to people bout problems you are having?

No chat room in 100% safe. Why don't you ask for advice to the community (of WikiAnswers), millions are just waiting for you to ask.

Where can you find some good sites with chat rooms?

Habbo Hotel is probably one of the best. Try facebook, msn, twitter. You can easily change the settings for 'safe chat' or change privacy settings.

What are some good teen chat rooms that have avatars?

My Favorite is Runescape. But it is not a chat room. It is a RPG

Are there any Wiccan chat rooms?

Wiccan Chat RoomsWicca-chat is a good Wiccan chat room. The link is in Related Links below. If you Google "wiccan chat rooms" some popular ones come up on top of the list. there are other chatrooms another is #innercircle on the icq net work

What are some practical applications for webcam chat rooms?

Webcam chat rooms offer the possibilities for groups of friends or colleagues to chat without interruption from others. This can be used for social and business purposes.

What are some free gay chat rooms?

Adult Chat Rooms. Free for Adults: Go to MyFreeCams, the #1 adult webcam community! You can watch hundreds of guys on webcam and chat with them for free.

What are some aim websites?

some aim chat rooms are meebo.com and iluvim.com

What are some safe free chat rooms for teens?

i used to go on here but not anymore because i was on here 24 severn because its really addictive so beware! But it is still really good its called Chat avenue

What are some other worlds like club penguin and millsberry that are safe for kids and free and you don?

My boys use Vizwoz which is free and they chat to their mates in different rooms on it

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