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There are no cheat codes for RuneScape.

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There arent any cheat codes for runescape! Jagex has said it multiple times. THERE ARE NO CHEAT CODES FOR RUNESCAPE, NOR WILL THERE EVER.

There are no cheat codes in RuneScape.

Because you can't cheat in Runescape, Jagex does state that....

There is no cheat for anything in Runescape. Only private servers such as, Moparscape can give you codes to get random items. There is no way to cheat in Runescape by codes but you can use bots. That is highly "illegal" in the game and will be detected almost immediately. Why cheat, have fun and play fair.

if you mean cheat codes , there are none at all al there is is scamms

Jagex states that there are no cheat codes in RuneScape. Yup!I agree with this guy,it was like 2 yrs ago(2008)

you trying to cheat that is against the rules of runescape and by the way there is no cheat codes for godswords

Jagex says there are no cheat codes. That means they didn't program cheat codes on purpose into the game. If you find some bug (unexpected program behavior) that gives you some advantage, and actually use it, you can lose your account, so better don't try it. If you find some bug, stop using it, and report it as quickly as possible.

You can go to cheat and get cheat codes.

Cheat codes: getalife cheat codes: getalife

There are no cheat codes, but there are some secrets.

No, there are no cheats whatsoever, on Runescape, so it's worthless trying to looking for them.UNSELL you use cheat engine which can make you want to regert using it.

There are not really any cheats for runescape but there are some glitches.

I added some web links with cheat codes.

i found some cheat codes in youtube

There are no cheat codes for Majora's Mask.

There are no cheat codes but there may be some glitches but I dont know any but if you ever find one you have to send a bug report so they can patch it up.

there are none for hacking runescape, but try frugooscape. it is a very cheating version of runescape. for more info you can post a message on my message board-------------------bloodknight.

go to the map and click cheat codes- when you click the cheat codes you can add some more cheat codes

there are no cheat codes. i am an inheriter and i have done every thing in the game and no cheat codes are on halo reach.

There are no cheats or cheat codes for Battlefield 3.

You use the phone to enter cheat codes, be aware though some cheat codes can effect your achievements.

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