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Use Google to search for "Pokémon Emerald GameShark".

EDIT: has lots. if you go to gameshark, then pokemon emerald, i(as an admin) added a section that has stuff to cheat with WITHOUT gameshark.

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โˆ™ 2012-05-20 23:26:48
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Q: What are some cheats for Pokemon Emerald for Visual Boy Advance?
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Pokemon Emerald for visual boy advance cheats?

Pokemon Emerald is unsupported for Visual Boy Advance Link. Have you managed to trade? I am guessing not as you are asking for cheats. Try and check out my Pokemon Emulation Guide.

What are codes for emerald?

they are cheats that you type in to the game on visual boy advance for Pokemon on computer that help you to complete the game.

How do the Pokemon Emerald cheats work?

1]open visual boy advance and open Pokemon emerald 2]go up to cheats and press to cheat list then press gameshark... 3]and put the gameshark code you want.

How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on visual boy advance?

NOT. but you can use cheats in visual boy in the menu.

Pokemon sapphire for visual boy advance cheats?

there are hundreds of cheats go to and search over there

Can you use Pokemon Action replay cheats on visual boy advance?


How do you put in the gameshark cheats on Pokemon emerald?

You have to use a cheat supporting emulator if you are running your game on PC . Example: Visual Boy Advance or you can check for more info.

Where can you find Pokemon Emerald cheats?

Cheats for emerald: 45213645854254165987563221544587654821543546123445677891015420131022102112001201010210210210210210210210210210121021021021021021 oHoIoJoK

What are Emerald cheats in Pokemon?

== ==

Where you can find gameshark codes of Pokemon silver for visual boy advance?


Where can you find cheats for Pokemon Emerald?

you can find all Pokemon cheats at

How do you get rare Pokemon without cheats on Pokemon emerald?

You Need Cheats The Wild Pokemon Modifier.

How do you activate cheats in Visual Boy Advance?

do not use the vba

Are there any cheats for Pokemon Emerald on Game Boy Advance?

No, only on action replay on the PC, yes PC AND you can get other games like Pokemon crystal

Gameshark code in Pokemon emerald how to inter code?

It is entered by having the gameshark & the emerald inserted into the gameshark, then turn on the Gameboy Advance & the Gameshark should have the cheats for that game on the menu, if not they can be entered manually, for the cheats go to their website (they will have them).

Pokemon emerald the dogs no cheats?

pokemon colosseum

Cheats in Pokemon emerald-kanto?

what emerald-kanto

What are cheats code for Game Boy Advance SP emerald game?

The cheat to Game boy Advance Sp emerald is: Get a life...

Secret tickets without cheats on Pokemon Emerald?

how to get all the tickets in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon Celebi emerald?

Except by using cheats, you can NOT catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get valuable Pokemon without cheats in emerald?

i don't have emerald but the valuable Pokemon is rayquaza

How do you use cheats on roms?

There are various ways to advance in the Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald. On a PC or game device enter the code 05F21E51 F03AF1BB CE572273 2A2FA5D4 to advance.

How do you enter cheat codes for Pokemon fire red in Visual Boy Advance?

tipe them in,and i would recommend going on for the best cheats

Gameshark codes for Pokemon ruby destiny reign of legends for visual boy advance?

u go 2 www.pokemondestinyhack/gameshark/cheats

How do you use cheats in visual boy advance?

meneer met wim