What are some clean cool jokes?


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What do you call cheese that`s not yours? Nachyo cheese


Related Questions has some clean jokes but there is also a rude jokes section so beware what they see :-D has some clean jokes but there is also a rude jokes section so beware what they see :-D

Some of the best places to find clean jokes are in books. Bookland has many joke books, for adults and children available in their stores or on their website. There are also clean jokes on the internet as well.

One would find funny questions from Freemake, Fun-Stuff, Jokes Clean, Sport Jokes, Funny Free Jokes, Cool Buddy, Blonde Jokes and Men Jokes. Laughing when someone cracks a joke is known to make people happy and healthy.

Go on google and type in "clean jokes"

funny jokes in the app section through your smart phone

You can find clean nautical jokes at

Cheesy jokes are all about jokes that are funny but not laughable. You can find cheesy jokes from the following sources: Jokes, Great Clean Jokes, Jokeroo.

yes , i want to get some funny jokes. recommend to the website of about lots of short and clean funny jokes.

a guy walked into a bar and said ouch!!

You can find some good hospital jokes online at Great Clean Jokes. One hospital joke is " What's the difference between a marriage and a mental hospital? At a mental hospital you have to show improvement to get out."

Corny jokes many be found at the Funny or Die website. One may also find corny jokes at A Corny Joke a Day, Iowa Source, Great Clean Jokes, The Oatmeal and Fat Wallet.

she showers with pantene (shampoo) but i use watermelon to keep me clean.

yes he is nah jokes =)

To clean ears and dirty jokes

You can find blonde jokes online at the Jokes4Us website or eBaumsWorld. You can find more blonde jokes available on joke sites such as the Cool Blonde Jokes website.

Q: What is worse than finding a worm in your apple? A: Finding only half a worm.

i recommend the profession website of short funny jokes, Short Funny Jokes & Really Funny Jokes, Great collection of clean short funny jokes, Laugh at very Short Funny Jokes and humors. please see:

One can find some funny black jokes from many locations including: Alfree Jokes, Funny Jokes, Free-Funny-Jokes, Free-Jokes-Online, Jokes Prank, Tight Rope among others. Alternatively, one can search on YouTube and find additional jokes there.

Find Yo Mamma jokes on Youtube.

There are many sites with hundreds of rhyming jokes. One site with rhyming jokes is RhymeZone.

Chuck Norris is so clean, he gets rubbed on soap. There aren't any clean Chucl Norris joke because in every single one some one dies.

Since jokes are subjective and jokes only if you think they are, I can only provide what amuses me: The joke's on you.

Inside jokes are personal jokes between friends that only those people can understand.

Some of the Joke resources for jokes of the day are that people submit different jokes, and then they are voted on to see which ones are the best ones.

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