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some clean songs are whistle by flo rida

not clean songs are by these artists: eminem, 50 cent, wiz kalifa, snopp dogg or tupac


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Gritz - My Life Be Like (Ohh Ahh)

She has no hip-hop songs.

Hip hop or not here is no such this as a good line dance.

Songs For Hip Lovers by Woody Herman

When it started, it was relatively clean. Then, gangs began to "sing" hip-hop. It began to change for the worse. The gangs were violent, and then hip-hop got the reputation of being violent. Later, groups created songs that were extremelly inappropriate. The government got involved sometimes because some of the songs were threats to the police. In a nut shell, that is how it chaged.

One of the most successful hip hop songs are The Message, Run-D.M.C., We Can't Be Stopped and The Chronic. All of these songs were published between the year 1980 and 1995 and are currently still one of the most successful hip hop songs.

Hip-hop songs are tragic stories about life in the 'hood.

Yes hip hop can affect society in some ways depending on certain hip hop artist or songs you are listening to.

There are many new hip hop songs that have been released recently. I'll Mind of Hopsin 5 is one of the most famous hip hop songs that have been released recently.

MTV'S hip hop back in the day CD contains 13 songs on it and it is the greatest hip hop songs from back in the days

anything by eminem so lyrical song by drake some songs by jayz

Some of the best rated hip hop songs in 2013 include Crazy in Love by Beyonce featuring Jay Z, Yeah by Usher, Disturbia by Rihanna, and Stronger by Kanye West.

yeah, maybe some songs in English and some in japaneese

Some that don't have bad words, the song "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars.

Her songs are R&b, Pop, and Hip-Hop.

Random by Deane Sequeira some that i think are really good are -bartender by akon and t pain -lolli lolli by 36 mafia -kiss me thru the phone by souja boy -smack that by akon ther are lots more but htat is some songs that are good hip hop songs

There are thousands of hip hop and mb songs. Some examples are, "Happy" by Pharrell, "Believe Me" by Lil Wayne, and "Loyal" by Chris Brown.

Junior M.A.F.I.A. is an American hip hop group. They were active until 2007 and had many hits. Some of their songs include, "Player's Anthem," and "I Need You Tonight."

Not even, they're pop songs.

One could head straight on over to the Billboard web page to view their current top 100 hip hop & R&B songs. Also, a list can be found in Apple's iTunes.

Some of the most famous hip hop songs by Lil Wayne include Love Me, Mirror and the very popular Lollipop. Other fan favorites include the songs No Worries and 3.

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