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code for Club Penguin rare codes hah! i got a Beyblade in club penguin the code is hw10cg132

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Q: What are some club penguin codes that are rare?
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What are some rare club penguin item codes?

There are no rare CP item codes. I know that for a fact.

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What some codes for club penguin?

ffewfjwkjfw === ===

What are some Club Penguin membership codes?

They are all different codes

What are the codes to unlock items with code on club penguin?

There are many codes on club penguin. Most of them unlock books and coins, and some unlock the treasure book, which is where you can unlock different rare clothing items. My suggestion is to look on google if you wanna get a book code. Book codes, only unlock the blue book and coins.

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Can you give me some Club Penguin codes?

Hahaahhahaha No.